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Gymnasts from the West Midlands scooped three of the five titles available at Sunday’s Zonal Championships. 

The City of Birmingham’s Mimi-Isabella Cesar took the Senior Zone C (Eastern Countries, East Midlands and West Midlands) title for the fifth year in a row ahead of club mates Asha Hamudir (Silver) and Sophie De-Bear (Bronze). 

In the Junior section, Elena’s Livia Haarcan made it three in a row with the City of Birmingham’s Daisie Burke finishing as runner up. 

In the Under 9 section, Elodie McNelis (Worcester) was head and shoulders above the rest of the field to take her first Zonal title.

There were also Zonal medals for Shani Moran-Simmonds (City of Birmingham, Bronze, Under 12) and places for Shania Farrell (City of Coventry, fifth, Senior), Amalie Howard (City of Birmingham, fourth, Junior), Georgia Smith (Worcester, fourth, Under 12), Eva Yordanov (Worcester, fourth, Under 10) and Maria Meknassi (City of Coventry, fifth, Under 10).

Mimi, Livia, Shani, Eva and Elodie also picked up the West Midlands titles for their respective age groups.

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