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Coach Education Subsidy

Post November 2018
At a recent meeting of the West Midlands Executive Committee, it was agreed that changes would be made to the Coaching Course Subsidy for Level One and Level Two courses that start after November 1st 2018. 

The subsidy will now be increased to 40% and will be paid in two halves. To claim the subsidy there are two forms that need to be completed by the applicant. Part one of which  must be downloaded, completed, and then signed by the course tutor after attendance at the second session of the course. The applicant / club will then receive 20% of the course fee. The second form must be downloaded, completed, and then signed by the examiner when a further 20% will be paid.

The application forms can be downloaded by clicking the links below. 
document Part 1 (351 KB)
document Part 2 (351 KB)

Pre November 2018
From April 1st 2017 the Coach Education Subsidy for coaches in the West Midlands who pass a UKCC level 1 or 2 course will increase to 33.3%.

This applies to all disciplines recognised by British Gymnastics and can be applied for after 6 months’ post qualification commitment to a club which is affiliated to the West Midlands.

Please send the completed form, which can be download follwing the link below, to Betty Trow.

Claim Form

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