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It was smiles all round for the three Special Olympics City of Hull gymnasts who competed at the Special Olympics National Games held in Bath between 28th August and 1st September.

Emma Credland, Andrew McLaughlin and Mary Nolan all travelled as part of the 150-strong squad from Yorkshire and Humberside to the event held at Bath University. The university hosted the 1,700 athletes, 600 coaches, 120 officials and 500 volunteers that attended the five day, multi-sport competition.

Having enjoyed the evening opening ceremony on Wednesday, Thursday brought the first of three days of competition for all levels of gymnast. The competition welcomed all comers, from those taking tentative steps on the beam to some truly outstanding gymnastics from the Level 4 men, including round off, flic, straight back; handspring, punch front; Russian lever on floor and a Tsukahara on vault.

The Special Olympics City of Hull gymnasts all produced great performances, with the three all coming away from the competition with medals.

Emma competed at the Level 1 Women’s over 22’s, gaining a Silver medal on Beam and Bronze for A-bars, Floor and Vault, eventually taking the Bronze All Around.

Andrew competed at the Level 2 Men’s over 22’s, gaining Silver medals on Vault and Parallel Bars, joint Gold on Pommel Horse and Gold on Rings, Horizontal Bar and Floor, capping of a fantastic performance with the Gold All Around.

Mary competed at the Level 2 Women’s over 22’s, taking silver on A-bars and Gold on Floor, Vault and Beam, and again taking home the Gold All Around.

Coaches Michael Roberts and Johanna Billingsley were thrilled the gymnasts had risen to the occasion and not been flustered by the pressure of a National Competition. Johanna said: “They performed brilliantly and we are really proud of them all.”




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