Business Support

Business Support Pack
British Gymnastics is keen to support its clubs by providing information and guidance on how to effectively operate helping to ensure sustainability and growth.  There are many external factors that can affect a club’s operation, through using information with the Gymnastic Business Support Pack clubs will be able to reduce risks and maximise opportunities.

The Business Support Pack provides a range of information included in various sections.  Below is a list of the sections included in the toolkit:

Structures for Gymnastic Clubs
Training and Events Programme
Duty of Care and Child Protection
Knowing Your Club and Its Community
Lease Agreements
Financial Structures of Clubs

This document should be used as guidance for British Gymnastics clubs to develop business models.  There are many factors that can affect the success of a business plan and British Gymnastics will take no responsibility for an unsuccessful club.

It is assumed that clubs using this toolkit are already at a quality standard of delivery and have the British Gymnastics GymMark accreditation.  This will ensure that the club has many of the recommended policies and procedures to build a quality business model and that the club is ready to take the next step to developing a quality club.