p school competition
There is a wide variety of competitive opportunities for young people within gymnastics. Those listed below are aimed at school-aged children of varying abilities.

  1. Key Step Gymnastic Competitions
  2. Next Step Trampoline Competitions
  3. School Games
  4. Novice and Recreational Competitions

BG Partner Schools - September 2012
From September 2012 schools can register to become a BG Partner School.  By registering you will receive access to an interactive pathway of competitions available to pupils from intra school to national events for both primary and secondary.  You will have access to information and advice on entry criteria, event rules, how to prepare pupils, judging advice, how to host your own event and an annual competition calendar split by county and region detailing competition organiser details.  You will also be able to download Key and Next Step resources.

The Key Step Gymnastics competition resource has been put together in response to numerous requests for a competition framework for ‘grass-roots' development in Primary schools and is suitable for use in individual schools, leisure centres, gymnastic clubs and district/county associations.

Athough the pack is fore-mostly a competition resource, teachers report that information from the pack e.g. example routines, the supporting DVD and advice about individual skills progressions, has helped to enhance curricular PE lessons.

Key Step - The Gymnastics
There are 3 gymnastic areas, known as ‘disciplines' in Key Step with 3 levels of ability in each. These are floor, vault and body management.
  1. Floor: Routines include balancing, jumping, rolling and flexibility skills.
  2. Vault: Skills are performed travelling on and off a bench or box top and can be taught with or without springboard
  3. Body Management: Routines designed to prepare the body for gymnastics.  Routines include strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination skills

The Next Steps competition resource has been put together in response to the success of the Key Step Pack.  It targets Key Stages 3-5 building upon the basic skills learnt in the Key Step by introducing more complex, discipline specific skills.  The Next Step resource provides a flexible competitive format to suit the abilities and aspirations of the young people involved. 

Next Step resource contains

  1. An introduction to and the aims of, the Next Step Programme
  2. Recommended and alternative formats for competitions
  3. 3 body management routine cards for use in preparing gymnasts and in competition
  4. A choice of 1 or more discipline specific packs containing 6 work cards showing routines and providing advice on developing skills, a DVD of students of varied ability demonstrating the routines, a set of colourful A2 sized posters showing routines, guidelines on how to set up and judge a competition and  judging score sheets
  5. Advice on managing and running gymnastics competitions
  6. Information about officiating and the use of volunteers and leaders
  7. Template for score sheet, competitions programme, and invitation letters

For information on School Games please click here.