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What is a Leadership Academy?
A Leadership Academy is a group of young people aged 11+ within a club who want to develop their leadership skills.

What do Leadership Academies do?
Academy members follow the MY Leadership Academy Programme. The leaders meet throughout the year to help plan events, complete training and socialise as a group.

Who runs the Academy?
Each Academy will elect an Academy Captain. This person is usually an older leader or a coach at the club. The Captain is responsible for organising meetings and keeping all members on track with their development. Some Academies have more than one captain to share this responsibility.

What support is provided?
The Academy Captain is provided with a support pack, consisting of a guide booklet and a memory stick full of useful documents, to assist with running a successful academy. British Gymnastics are able to offer additional support and guidance throughout the programme. We provide a facebook group for leaders wanting to find volunteer opportunities: I am BG - I am a Volunteer.

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How can I get involved?
To find out more about joining or setting up an academy at your club please complete the form below: