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Intro to...Courses

British Gymnastics have worked with members of MY Leadership Academies and the wider gymnastic community to design introductory level courses which introduce Young Leaders to the exciting opportunities within our sport. The content has been designed to be informative and thought provoking and enable the attendee to gain a greater understanding and discover new interests in different areas of gymnastics. There are four courses in the Intro to… series: Intro to Volunteering, Intro to Coaching, Intro to Events and Intro to Judging, each course costs £25* and the minimum age to attend these courses is 11 years of age.

These modules can be completed in any order but we recommend Intro to...Volunteering is completed first. On completion of all four modules, the assessment criteria and the associated volunteering activities, the attendee is eligible to be certificated for the 1st4sport Level 2 Award in Leadership through gymnastics. To register with 1st4sport, the learner must be 14 years of age; however modules attended prior to them being 14 will still be recognised.

* this price is a guide and may vary depending on the set up and organisation of the course

How do you get involved or find out more?

For more information on the Intro to... courses please email, [email protected]

Deployment opportunities

There are many different opportunities for volunteers to be involved, from National and Regional level events, to helping out local clubs.

Find out more about getting involved in, deployment opportunities.