Advanced Proficiency

Suitable for children from Secondary School Age, our Advanced Proficiency Awards continue the development of Core Fitness (Strength, Power, Flexibility and Coordination) as well as specific gymnastics skills.

Please note that, based on customer feedback, we are in the process of changing the contents of these from a DVD to a 4G USB stick and so there will be a slight increase in the unit cost as we introduce these through September and October. We will sell all the DVD versions at the current price before we start selling them with the USBs at the increased price.

Please note that we have had to increase our badge and certificate prices from September 4th 2017 due to increased costs from our suppliers – this is the first price increase in three years. Certificates will increase by 3p, badges by 5p each and medals by 7p each – less your usual Club discounts where applicable.

Please always log in using your approved Club or School account to buy your Awards & Resources to ensure you secure the correct pricing where applicable

The award offers a range of activities from Core Fitness, Apparatus,Vault and Rebound, Floor, Pairs and Groups, Hand Held Apparatus, Dance and Aerobics.   Your Gymnasts can plan their development with 3 levels of attainment – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and for those who who develop a real love of Gymnastics, these awards underpin the development work for Grades and National Development Plans.

A Resource Pack is available to help you plan your sessions, with badges and certificates to recognise your Gymnasts’ success – with a medal also available for those who attain the Gold standard.  This programme is developed to be delivered by British Gymnastics’ qualified Coaches only.

Shipping Costs will vary depending on the delivery service you choose and the weight of your order – they will be calculated automatically and show in your shopping basket before you confirm your order.

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