Appointments / Elections 2017-2021

The Technical Committees for 2017/2021 cycle now need to be appointed or elected as per the process below.

The British Gymnastics Technical Regulations state that the five positions on the National Technical Committees are appointed by the Board. The remaining two positions are elected by a Regional/Home Nations voting process. Those appointed by the board are listed below.


  • NTC Chair
  • NTC Judging Co-ordinator
  • NTC Competition Organiser
  • NTC Disability Representative
  • National Coach Education Representative
a) Timelines for applications and appointments

Technical Committee members, Home Nations / Regions or Individual BG Members can submit applications for each of the discipline positions via the official pdf British Gymnastics Application Form (99 KB) which will be made available by the 9th September 2016 on the British Gymnastics website.

When submitting the application, it must be accompanied by a full CV. A Board-appointed committee will assess the applications on judgement of competency against the job specification for each role which can be found in the Technical Regulations on the website.

Nominations should be sent to Rachel Russell, Performance Sport Operations Manager no later than:


The appointed Board committee will submit their recommendations to the Board for ratification at the December Board Meeting (1st December 2016). Successful candidates will be advised by no later than 31st December 2016.

Should there be a new Technical Committee Chair appointed for the next cycle, the handover period will be between January – March 2017 with the official start date being 1st April 2017 for any new appointments in line with the new financial year 2017 – 2018.


There are two positions on each National Technical Committee as designated Committee Members. These two positions are elected by the Regions and Home Nations as follows.

a) Timelines for nominations and elections

The remaining committee members of the NTC will be elected via a Regions / Home Nation vote. Technical Committee members, Home Nations / Regions or individual British Gymnastics members can submit nominations for these positions via the official pdf British Gymnastics Nomination Form (98 KB) which will be made available by 9th September 2016 on the British Gymnastics website.

The nomination form must be accompanied by their full CV, must be signed by the nominee and endorsed by a Gold, Joint or Life Member. Nominations should be send to Debbie Stevens, CEO Office no later than;


b) Voting process by Regions and Home Nations

A list of nominees for each post, with their CVs, will be forwarded to the Secretaries of the Home Nations (SCO, Wales, NI) and secretaries of English Regions. There will be thirteen votes in all. Voting must be on the Official Voting Form and be submitted by post or email to Debbie Stevens, CEO Office, no later than:


Voting will take place between 10th February 2017 and 17th March 2017 with the results to be communicated by no later than 24th March 2017.

The official start date for the committee members will be the 1st April 2017.

  pdf Application Form (99 KB)
  pdf Nomination Form (98 KB)
  pdf NTC Regulations (211 KB)