Results of Appointments/Elections 2017/21 - British Gymnastics

Results of Appointments/Elections 2017/21


British Gymnsatics are very happy to announce that the following people have been successfully elected as members on to the National Techncial Committees in the following disciplines:

MAG - Andrew Morris

WAG - Christine Still

TRA/DMT/TUM - Philip Dodson & Alan Lavelle

ACROBATICS - Caroline Hodgson & Dawn Mitchell

TEAMGYM - Lisa Rose

AEROBICS - Colette Hayes & Debbie Saunders

RHYTHMIC - Rachel Haines & Ruth Wison


The full list of National Technical Committee positions for the 2017-21 cycle (both selected and elected) are as follows:


Chair - Andy Tombs

Judging Co-ordinator - James May

Coach Education Representative - Jeff Davis

Competition Organiser - Mike Weinstock

Disability Representative - Angela Turner

Member - Andrew Morris


Chair - Maria McLoughlin

Judging Co-ordinator -  Maria McLoughlin

Coach Education Representative - Liz Kincaid & Kate Richards

Competition Organiser - Chris Paddock

Disability Representative - Catherine Lethbridge

Member - Christine Still


Chair - Sharon Wood

Judging Co-ordinator - Andrew Jones

Coach Education Representative -Paul Greaves

Competition Organiser - Mike Armstrong

Disability Representative - Dawn Lawson

Members - Philip Dodson & Alan Lavelle


Chair - Mel Sanders

Judging Co-ordinator - Andrew Farley

Coach Education Representative - Ian Said

Competition Organiser - Sandra Sargent

Disability Representative - Judith Wootton

Member - Caroline Hodgson & Dawn Mitchell


Chair - Peter Trankle

Judging Co-ordinator - Margaret Kerr

Coach Education Represenative - Enid Harrison

Competition Organiser - Donna Crowther

Disability Representative - Candy Lakin

Member - Lisa Rose


Chair - Nigel Saunders

Judging Co-ordinator - Jacqueline Murphy

Coach Education Representative - Sue Killeen

Competition Organiser - Martine Griffiths

Disability Representative - Liz Patterson

Members - Debbie Saunders & Colette Hayes


Chair - Vicki Pearson

Judging Co-ordinator - Karen Crutchley

Coach Education Representative - Sarah Moon

Competition Organiser - Nicky Richards

Disability Representative - Lisa Higgins

Members - Rachel Haines & Ruth Wilson