Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1

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Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1

Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1

This course will qualify you to be an assistant coach for rhythmic gymnastics.

Rhythmic gymnastics is an amazing discipline to coach. Participants perform impressive routines made up of balance and flexibility skills, dance elements and apparatus techniques. Your role is to support and develop these skills for participants to enjoy.

Many of our level 1 coaches are parents, teachers, gymnasts or coaches of other disciplines. 

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Who is this Aimed at:

People who are engaged with gymnastics and wish to develop their knowledge further and get involved in coaching.

Pre Requisites:

Learners must be at least 16 years old on the first day of the course.

What To Expect:

An informative course that develops all aspects of coaching, including ‘how to coach’ as well as discipline specific knowledge and practical experience through post-course activities.

Delivery Method:

Tutor-led sessions (virtual or face to face), online activities and post-course mentored supporting activities:

Virtual course delivery structure:
Session 1 – 4 hours
Session 2 – 3-4 hours
Session 3 – 3-4 hours
Session 4 – 3-4 hours
Session 5 – Virtual assessment and professional discussion  (Logbook and practical video to be submitted 2 weeks before the professional discussion) 

Please note to join the course you must do so on a laptop or computer. Unfortunately, mobile devices do not support the platform functionality and you will not be able to fully engage with the course. If a mobile device is your only option, please contact your course organiser as this will affect your ability to take part in the online course.

Face to face delivery structure:
Session 1 – 8 hours
Session 2 – 8 hours
Session 3 – Practical assessment and professional discussion

Do I Need To Bring Participants:

Sessions 1 – 4: You will not require participants for these sessions as they are virtually led by the tutor. You will need to use gymnasts for the post-course activities and when working with your mentor to gain knowledge and experience in your practical sessions.

Session 5 Virtual Assessment – Minimum of three required for the recording of the assessment video. Please ensure one gymnast is able to perform the complete skills in your interim skills matrix box (with or without support).

Do I Need To Find A Mentor:

Your mentor will be someone to help you throughout the post-course activities and to support your development of gymnastics knowledge and the delivery methods such as the ‘How to Coach’ skills.

Before you enrol onto the course you will need to find a mentor. Your mentor is required to hold a minimum of a Level 2 coaching qualification, or equivalent, within the same discipline.

What Resources Are Included:

1st4Sport logbook, discipline specific resource pack, and online resources. 


BG member price: £295 (£397 for non-BG members).

Virtual course costs include the delivery of virtual sessions and initial virtual assessment; any further virtual assessments will incur additional charges.


By the end of this course you will:

  • Begin to apply the 'How to Coach' skills
  • Understand how to use and build up progressions for discipline specific skills
  • Know your ethical coaching responsibilities
  • Know your safety responsibilities
  • Know how to move and set up equipment safely for your session
  • Recognise muscles and how they work
  • Describe the principles of group organisation and communication
  • Appreciate the principles of safe support
  • Know the structure and purpose of preparation for activity
  • Understand basic biomechanical principles
  • Appreciate the need for different learning styles

Common Core Theory:

  • Ethical coaching responsibilities
  • Safety in coaching
  • Group organisation
  • Physical, cognitive and emotional development
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Basic nutrition and healthy living
  • Biomechanical principles
  • Erection and dismantling of apparatus
  • Principles of supporting and spotting

Body Technique - Biomechanics:

  • Gravitational force
  • Centre of mass
  • Centre of mass and balance
  • Centre of mass and rotation
  • Creating rotation

Physical Preparation and Conditioning:

  • Stamina and strength
  • The warm up
  • Examples of simple aerobic activities
  • Strength and endurance training

Ballet, Dance and Posture Training:

  • Why is good posture important?
  • Arm positions
  • Leg positions
  • Basic ballet exercises

Body Skills:

  • Jumps and leaps 
  • Balances 
  • Pivots 
  • Flexibilities and waves 
  • Sequence construction 
  • Tasks 
  • Apparatus techniques
  • Swing

Apparatus Work:

  • Rope 
  • Hoop 
  • Ball 
  • Clubs 
  • Ribbon 
  • Throwing and catching 


Assessment Process:

This qualification is assessed in three parts:

  1. Logbook – completed electronically and includes both theoretical and practical delivery tasks. Use of the Skills Matrix boxes is required for Tasks 6,7 (a, b &c) and Task 8.  You will require a mentor coach to support you in completion of some tasks. The logbook must be submitted 2 weeks before your professional discussion date.
  2. Practical Video submission - including planning (Task 8) and delivering the highlighted skills in your allocated Skills Matrix box. This will be completed in your own gymnastics’ environment under the supervision of your mentor. The video must be uploaded 2 weeks before your professional discussion date.
  3. Professional Discussion - you will complete a virtual professional discussion with your assessor following submission of your logbook and video to enable self-reflection, feedback, and any subsequent action plans. Your overall assessment result will be provided here.

How Long Until I Am Fully Qualified:

Typically, it takes four months to become qualified. However, you have up to one year from Day 1 of the virtual course to complete the qualification if your first attempt at assessment is not successful.

When Is My Assessment:

Your assessment date has been pre-set as per the virtual course dates. See the ‘find a course’ page for available virtual courses and dates.  This date refers to your professional discussion date, your logbook and practical video must be submitted 2 weeks before this date.

You will be assessed on your ability to:

  • Plan a session for all skills within your allocated skills box, issued six weeks prior to the assessment
  • Deliver the activities and skills presented in bold type 

You need to use at least three participants within your practical video submission.

This Skills Matrix is valid for any assessments linked to courses starting after 1st January 2024. If your course started before 1st January 2024 please use the Skills Matrix available in your academy.

Box 1

Warm-up (5 minutes) 

Ballet: Demi-plié & relevé in 1st & 2nd position at the barre** (10 minutes) 

Body skill: Forward Body Wave (10 minutes) 

Rope: Forward figure of 8 with the rope in the wheel plane whilst performing a chasse, then pass through the open rope with a Leap (own choice) selected from syllabus. (10 minutes) 

Acrobatic: Forward roll with progressions & variations (10 minutes)  

Choreography – Link four Ball apparatus skills together (selected from the syllabus) with correct and logical connections, demonstrating effective use of planes and transitions, to include the body skill - Forward Body Wave as detailed above.** (10 minutes)  

Cool-down (5 minutes) 

Box 2

Warm-up (5 minutes) 

Ballet: Battement tendu jeté from 1st position at the barre, forward, side & back positions (10 minutes) 

Body Preparation: Stretching for legs & hips with progressions & variations. (10 minutes) 

Body Skill: Leap Cabriole with chasse preparation.** (10 minutes) 

Ribbon: Coils with the ribbon in the table plane whilst performing a pivot (own choice) selected from the syllabus.** (10 minutes)  

Choreography: Link four Hoop apparatus skills together (selected from the syllabus) with correct and logical connections, demonstrating effective use of planes and transitions, to include the body skill – Pivot (own choice) as above (10 minutes) 

Cool-down (5 minutes) 

Box 3

Warm-up (5 minutes) 

Ballet: Battement tendu from 1st position at the barre, forward, side & back ** (10 minutes) 

Body skill: Passé Balance (10 minutes) 

Hoop: Throw & catch in the wheel plane with preparation swing. Throw the hoop whilst performing a leap (own choice) with preparation swing of hoop on a chasse.** (10 minutes) 

Acrobatic: Cartwheel with progressions & variations. (10 minutes) 

Choreography: Link four Ribbon apparatus skills together (selected from the syllabus) with correct and logical connections, demonstrating effective use of planes and transitions, to include a body skill – Leap (own choice) as above (10 minutes)  

Cool-down (5 minutes) 

Box 4

Warm-up (5 minutes) 

Ballet: Demi plié & relevé in 1st, 2nd & 4th position at the barre (10 minutes)  

Body skill: Pivot low leg to the back ** (10 minutes

Clubs: Asymmetric movement (Large circle one club & Small circles with the other club) whilst performing a Balance Free leg to horizontal front or side to 90 degrees (10 minutes) 

Body Preparation: Dish & Arch shape with progressions & variations (10 minutes) 

Choreography: Link four Rope apparatus skills together (selected from the syllabus) with correct and logical connections, demonstrating effective use of planes and transitions, to include a body skill – Balance (own choice) selected from syllabus ** (10 minutes)  

Cool-down (5 minutes) 


Due to the nature of this discipline, manual support cannot be shown for some identified skills, although spotting/alignment may occur. This is shown with ‘**’ next to the skill.  

Download this Skills Matrix

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