Intro to... Judging (Face to Face)

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Intro to... Judging (Face to Face)

Intro to... Judging (Face to Face)

Intro to… courses are a great way for you to get involved with the world of gymnastics. 

This course offers you an insight into the role of a judge. You will learn about the role and responsibilities of a judge, why we judge, and the importance of judging.

You will develop the skills to differentiate between basic skills, record and evaluate errors, and review performances.

This course will allow you to develop a better understanding of gymnastics and the many exciting opportunities on offer. 

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Course Outline
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Who is this Aimed at:

This course is designed by and for 11 years+ who wish to support, develop, learn and progress within gymnastics.

Pre Requisites:

Learners must be at least 11 years old on the first day of the course.

What To Expect:

An informative course focused on the basics of judging and the ability to apply these skills to the evaluation of a routine.

Delivery Method:

Three hours – classroom based and some practical elements.

Do I Need To Bring Participants:

No participants are required.

Do I Need To Find A Mentor:

No mentor is required.

What Resources Are Included:




*additional charges may occur depending on venue costs. 


By the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Identify the role and qualities of a judge
  • Differentiate between the basic skills
  • Record and evaluate errors and apply appropriate deductions
  • Review judging performances

Roles and Qualities of a Judge:

  • How do you win in gymnastics
  • What are the roles and qualities of a judge
  • Preparing to judge

Differentiating Between the Basic Skills:

  • Common gymnastic skills
  • What to look for
  • Shapes, landings, jumps, locomotion, balance

Recording and Evaluating Errors and Apply Appropriate Deductions:

  • Key skills
  • How to judge
  • Types of penalties
  • Codes
  • Judging templates

Review Judging Performance:

  • Reviewing your judging performance
  • Personal action plan

Judging pathway

Suitable competition

Assessment Method:

On course assessment with opportunity to develop further.

How Long Until I Am Fully Qualified:

Certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the course.

When Is My Assessment:

Throughout the course.

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