Gymnastics Activity Instructor

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Gymnastics Activity Instructor

Gymnastics Activity Instructor

After completion of this course you will be able to independently deliver fun and safe gymnastics-based physical activity to school-aged children and adults.

You will learn about your responsibilities when delivering in different gymnastics environments, the different instructing skills you can use to effectively deliver and strategies that will help you adapt your sessions to meet the needs of your participants.

This course is a great choice if you are new to delivering gymnastics, want to deliver low-level gymnastics skills to recreational participants or can’t decide what path you want to take just yet. Explore the course information further to help you decide whether this course is the right one for you.

Want to see what the new course looks like? Take a look at the Gymnastics Activity Instructor trailer below:

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Course Outline
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Who is this Aimed at:

This course is aimed at people who want to independently deliver low-level gymnastics skills to recreational participants.

It is a great choice for those new to delivering gymnastics or volunteer or parent helpers who wish to become accredited. It is also an option if you currently hold a UKCC Level 1 (or equivalent) and wish to independently deliver.

Pre Requisites:

Learners must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the course.

What To Expect:

This course starts with a classroom-based day where you will explore your responsibilities as a Gymnastics Activity Instructor, the structure of a gymnastics session and key instructing skills.

The rest of the course is practical where you will learn how to deliver key aspects of a session such as the warm-up and cool-down. There will also be significant time given to understanding gymnastics skills from the syllabus and how to safely develop these with participants.

If physically able you will be expected to join in during the practical days and act as a demonstrator for your peers on-course.

On Day 1 you can wear anything you are comfortable in. On Day 2-4 make sure you come prepared to do gymnastics; you may have to take your socks off!

You will need to bring a pen with you and anything else you feel will support you in your learning.

Delivery Method:

Day 1: Classroom-based

Day 2-4: Practical


Typically, the course will run from 9-5pm each day. With a total of 32 hours contact time.

Check your specific course details to see the timings for each day.

Do I Need To Bring Participants:

If physically able you will be expected to join in during the practical days and act as a demonstrator for your peers on-course. Make sure you come prepared to do gymnastics.

You do not need to bring participants with you to be course demonstrators.

Do I Need To Find A Mentor:

There is no requirement for a mentor.

What Resources Are Included:

You will receive:

- Gymnastics Activity Instructor Handbook
- Gymnastics Activity Instructor Skills & Activity Pack
- Gymnastics Activity Instructor Workbook
- Access to resources on the British Gymnastics Academy


By the end of the course you will be able to:

1. Explain your legal, ethical and moral responsibilities when independently delivering gymnastics-based physical activity.
2. Demonstrate appropriate professional behaviours and conduct in accordance with legal, ethical and moral responsibilities and British Gymnastics policies.
3. Explain the key aspects of a gymnastics session and identify and demonstrate appropriate instructing skills and styles for specific aspects.
4. Effectively profile participants’ needs and select age- and ability-appropriate activities to develop your participants holistically.
5. Create activities that safely develop participants’ fundamental movement patterns and gymnastics skills.
6. Plan and deliver fun, inclusive and safe gymnastics sessions that develop participants holistically.
7. Organise and manage all aspects of a recreational gymnastics session including the supervision of assisting volunteers, instructors and coaches.

On successful completion you will be able to independently deliver low-level gymnastics-based physical activity, and you will be able to supervise other instructors and coaches.

How Will I Be Assessed:

You will be assessed by your tutor through an on-course continual assessment. You will be assessed on:

- Attendance
- Engagement
- Demonstration of knowledge and understanding
- Instructing skills
- Safe practice

How Long Before I Get Qualified:

If you are found competent at the end of the course, you are then accredited as a Gymnastics Activity Instructor and can start delivering straight away.


Cost: £399
Non-member fee: £519

If you are not already a British Gymnastics member and wish to benefit from the member discount, please join as a Course Enrolee. On completion of the course your membership will be updated to Instructor. If you plan to use this accreditation in a British Gymnastics registered club you need to hold a current Instructor, assistant coach or coach membership, current criminal records check and a current safeguarding award. If you hold a parent account and wish upgrade, please contact Customer Support on 03451297129.

Floor-based activity:

- Fundamental Movement Pattern development activity
- Shapes (e.g. straight, tuck, pike, straddle)
- Positions (e.g. dish, arch, landing, shoulder stand)
- Supports (e.g. front, back, pike and straddle lever)
- Balances (e.g. stork, Y-balance, arabesque)
- Jumps and Leaps (e.g. jump 1/1 turn, straddle jump, split leap)
- Bridge
- Rolling (e.g. log roll, forward roll, backward roll)
- Weight on hands (e.g. headstand, handstand, cartwheel)


- Hurdle step
- Squat and straddle on
- Squat through and straddle over

Climbing and hanging apparatus (e.g. bars, p-bars, wall bars and ropes):

- Hanging in various shapes
- Moving along bars
- Climbing

Balance apparatus (e.g. benches and beams):

- Mounting (e.g. squat and straddle on)
- Balances (from the floor syllabus)
- Locomotion (e.g. dip steps and kicks)
- Jumps and leaps (from the floor syllabus)
- Weight on hands (on bench only)
- Dismounting (jumps from the syllabus)

Rebound equipment:

- Use of trampette
- Use of trampoline
- Use of fast track or air track

Hand apparatus:

- Use of bean bags
- Use of hoops
- Use of ropes
- Use of balls
- Use of ribbons

Partner and group work:

- Low-level balances and counterbalances

Syllabus Regulations overview:

- When combining movements with hand apparatus the skill should still be performed as per the syllabus e.g. no free rolls or one-armed cartwheel.
- Instructors are not permitted to put out or dismantle a trampoline unless supervised by a qualified member of staff.
- Body landings are not permitted on trampoline or other rebound equipment.


Assessment Method:

On-course Fit for Practice assessment carried out by your course tutor.

Your tutor assesses you in key areas:

Full Attendance: On all course days.
Engagement: Your tutor will be assessing your attention, motivation, interest and involvement in the course activities.
Demonstration of Knowledge & Understanding: Your tutor will be assessing your knowledge and understanding of key aspect that are covered on the course.
Instructing Skills: Your tutor will be assessing you on your understanding and demonstration of key instructing skills important to your role.
Safe Practice: You will be expected to show safe selection of progressions, supports and instructing behaviours when you work with peers on-course.

You must be deemed competent in each area to be Fit for Practice.

How long until I am qualified?

Tutors spend time with you individually at the end of Day 4 providing feedback on your Fit for Practice assessment. If you are deemed Fit for Practice you are immediately accredited to independently deliver recreational gymnastics. You should ensure you have appropriate safeguarding certificates and a DBS in place.

If you are not deemed Fit for Practice you are not accredited and must resit the course and pass the assessment if you wish to be accredited as a Gymnastics Activity Instructor.

When Is My Assessment?

On-course throughout all course days.


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