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Helper eLearning

Helper eLearning

Welcome to the Helper eLearning course prospectus page.

Here we have put together the online learning package which is currently provided to learners who attend the Gymnastics and Trampoline Helper courses, to help you understand the role of a Helper, and what knowledge, skills and qualities are being emphasised at this level.

If you are a Lead Coach working with Helpers, Award Scheme Coaches or Young Leaders, completing this eLearning will assist you in understanding how you can support and develop our next generation of coaches and instructors to provide safe, fun, and participant-centred sessions.

If you already hold the Award Scheme Coach accreditation you might want to complete this eLearning as Continued Professional Development (CPD) and refresh any knowledge from your original course.

Please note this page is for the Helper eLearning package only. If you are looking to become an accredited Gymnastics or Trampoline Helper and attend the course, please visit the relevant pages in the ‘Coaching’ section of our course prospectus.

Completion of this eLearning course will not accredit you as a Helper, nor will it upgrade any existing Award Scheme or Young Leader accreditations. You must still only deliver the gymnastics activities and skills you are accredited for.

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Who is this Aimed at:

This eLearning course is aimed at anyone interested in learning more about how Helpers effectively assist in a gymnastics and trampoline session.

This course is ideal for already accredited Award Scheme Coaches as a CPD module, or Lead Coaches, Instructors, and qualified coaches who work with Helpers, to understand what is being emphasised at this level of accreditation. It is also useful to effectively understand how (if applicable to your role) you can support and develop our future generation of coaches and instructors.

Welfare Officers, club and facility managers, officials and support staff may also find this eLearning useful to understand the roles and responsibilities of a Helper.

What To Expect:

This is an online learning package delivered via eLearning modules on the British Gymnastics Academy.

Once enrolled the eLearning will be made available to the learner to view in their own time.

There are six modules within the eLearning which explore the role of a Helper, how Helpers may be used within a session, the key people Helpers may work with and Duty of Care.

Please note: This course covers elements of Duty of Care, safeguarding and welfare, bullying and poor practice, relevant to the role of a Helper. For some of our younger learners this may be the first time they have come across these topics. An adult may want to supervise and support the completion of this module.

Delivery Method:



It is estimated the eLearning will take 2 hours to complete. Learners can do this in their own time depending on their own needs and preferences.

What Resources Are Included:

There are downloadable notes available to support you when working through the eLearning to capture any important information.


By the end of this eLearning course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities a Helper might have during a session.
  • Understand how the effective use of the key skills and qualities of a Helper can positively influence a participant’s enjoyment and development.
  • Understand the importance of continually developing technical knowledge and working with other coaches and instructors.
  • Recognise the Helper’s role in maintaining a safe environment.
  • Understand the importance of raising concerns regarding health, safety, safeguarding or welfare.


Member price £11

Non-member price £33

Pre Requisites:

Minimum age 13 years.

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