Regional Judge (2022-2024) Women’s Artistic

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Regional Judge (2022-2024) Women’s Artistic

Regional Judge (2022-2024) Women’s Artistic

Welcome to the 2022-2024 Women’s Artistic Regional Judging course. On this page you should find all the information you need to help you decide whether this course is right for you.

 To become a Women’s Artistic Regional judge, you will need to complete the eLearning, practise videos and assessment. You can find more detail in the sections below, make sure you explore all the areas.

 Once you have decided this course is right for you, click ‘Enrol’ where you will be taken to a page which provides further detail.

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Who is this Aimed at:

Existing Cycle 14 Club Judges who wish to progress to Regional Judge.  

Experienced Cycle 15 Club Judges may enrol on this course, but it is recommended that they have a period of judging events within this cycle before moving to the Regional Course. 

What To Expect:

An eLearning module which will cover how to judge execution and difficulty. You will watch a webinar from an experienced judge to give you tips and guidance on how to judge difficulty and execution on all apparatus.

On completion of the course material, you will unlock a theory and practical assessment. You must achieve 60% in all assessment components to be deemed competent and achieve the Regional Judge Award. You will have three opportunities to take each assessment. If you are unsuccessful, you will be awarded the Club Judge (2022-2024) Women’s Artistic award.

Delivery Method:

Online eLearning.


You should be prepared to spend at least15 hours completing the eLearning modules.

Watch a three-hour webinar on how to judge difficulty and execution on all apparatus.

You should allow five hours to complete your assessments.

What Resources Are Included:

The Regional Judge course consists of eLearning, practise videos and online assessments. The eLearning has been separated into general content, E-Panel and D-Panel for each apparatus.

Once complete, you can put this knowledge into practise with the videos and accompanying evaluation sheets.

You will watch a webinar which includes guidance on how and when to award difficulty, exercise requirements and when to award bonus as well as tips on judging artistry and execution on all apparatus.

The assessment consists of 60 theory and practical questions. You will need to achieve 60% in the theory assessment and 60% in each of the practical assessments to become a Regional Women’s Artistic Judge.

All your eLearning resources are available on your courses are on BG Academy.

How Will I Be Assessed:

You will be assessed by: 

Successful completion of the online assessments. 



Pre Requisites:

You must hold a minimum of a Club Judge (Cycle 14) in Women’s Artistic.  

Learner must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the course

The assessment is made available on completion of the eLearning modules and practise videos.  

The Theory Assessment comprises of 60 questions made up of ten general questions and ten questions for each apparatus (vault, bars, beam & floor). You will need to correctly answer 36 out of 60 questions to achieve the 60% pass mark. You are given three attempts to achieve the 60% pass mark.  

The Practical Assessment is split into four assessments; vault, bars, beam and floor and can be completed once you have viewed the corresponding eLearning and practise videos for each apparatus. The practical assessment consists of four routines for D-Panel (this includes one practise routine) and four routines for E-Panel (this includes one practise routine). You must enter your score within the designated time frame, this is different for D-Panel and E-Panel and for each apparatus. It is clearly stated within each assessment.  

You will need to achieve 60% pass in all four practical assessments. You are given three attempts to achieve the 60% pass mark.  

If after three attempts at each assessment you are unsuccessful, you will be awarded the Club Judge (2022-2024) Women’s Artistic award. 

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