Regional Judge (2022-2024) Trampoline

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Regional Judge (2022-2024) Trampoline

Regional Judge (2022-2024) Trampoline

Welcome to the 2022 – 2024 Trampoline Regional Judge course. On this page you should find all the information you need to help you decide whether this course is right for you.  

This course consists of virtual tutor-led sessions and a virtual assessment. You can find more detail in the sections below, make sure you explore all the areas.  

Once you have decided this course is right for you, click ‘Enrol’ where you will be taken to a page which provides further details on your course and assessment. 

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Course Outline
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Who is this Aimed at:

For existing County Judges who would like to progress on their judging journey.

What To Expect:

An informative course that covers the duties of the Chair of Judges, judging exercises for execution, horizontal displacement and difficulty (up to 12.0 difficulty) and be able to apply the correct form of notation for difficulty judging.

To be successful on this course, you will be expected to be able to confidently judge difficulty in BG/FIG notation for exercises up to 12.0 difficulty. This includes multiple twisting double somersaults. It will not be possible to spend time on the course covering how to write in BG/FIG notation so prior practice will be very helpful.

To best prepare for the theory component, you should come prepared with a thorough knowledge of the Code of Points 2022-2024 and its rules, including the Trampoline specific and judging guidance sections.

This is a tutor-led virtual course which is delivered over two sessions. You must attend both sessions in full. 

You must also attend a virtual assessment. You will submit scores via an online form whilst viewing assessment material, therefore you must have access to either: 

  1. A laptop or PC with two screens, or 
  2. A laptop or PC and an additional mobile device such as smartphone or tablet.

Delivery Method:

Two virtual tutor-led sessions and a live virtual assessment. There will be approximately two weeks between the course dates and assessment date to allow you to practise and reflect on the course material.


Session 1 – 3 hours   

Session 2 – 3 hours   

Session 3 – Assessment approximately 2 1/2 hours

What Resources Are Included:

You will be able to download pre-course learning material and presentation slide handouts to make notes with and assist with your completion of the course material.

It is also recommended that you also download the latest version of the Trampoline (2022-2024) Code of Points.

How Will I Be Assessed:

You will be complete a Theory and a Practical assessment on session 3 which will take place in a live virtual classroom.    

Theory Assessment
-25 multiple choice questions.

Practical Assessment  
- 10 exercises to judge difficulty.
- 10 exercises to judge execution.

 Advice on sitting your assessment:    

- You must ensure you have the appropriate equipment and internet connection (WiFi).
- You must ensure you are able to sit your assessment in an environment free from distraction. We do not recommend being in a public space.
- You should not sit your assessment in the same room as other judges who are also sitting the assessment.
- There should not be anyone present who could distract or influence your scores. 

You will be required to submit your assessment scores via an online form whilst viewing assessment material, therefore you must have access to either:    

  1. a laptop or PC with two screens, or 
  2. a laptop or PC and an additional mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.



Pre Requisites:

You must be 17 years old to attend this course. However, you will not be awarded Regional Judge until your 18th birthday.

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