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Extenuating Circumstances Procedure

Extenuating Circumstances

The extenuating circumstances procedure is intended to support you if you are unfortunate enough to experience unforeseen, exceptional circumstances that prevent you from completing all obligations for your course or assessment. This procedure is applicable as soon as a learner enters the cancellation period, which is 30 days prior to the course start date.
Some examples of extenuating circumstances are acute illness, accidents or serious family problems. Everyday occurrences such as minor illness, social obligations and similar foreseen commitments such as holidays and competitions are not extenuating circumstances and therefore cannot be accepted under this process.

To submit an extenuating circumstances claim you will need to fully complete an Extenuating Circumstances and Course Transfer Application Form and send it to your Course Organiser by email.

Your Course Organiser will:

• Acknowledge receipt of the EC form within 10 working days

• Conduct an appropriate review of the evidence

• Write to you within 20 working days of the acknowledgement date, to inform you of the outcome


When do I need to submit my Extenuating Circumstances (EC) claim?

Extenuating circumstance claims must be submitted to your course organiser as soon as you are aware of the incident that will prevent you from attending the course/assessment or from submitting any evidence to your assessor.


My tutor/assessor knows about my extenuating circumstances.  Do I still need to submit the form?

Yes.  British Gymnastics will only consider claims that have been submitted by the learner on a fully completed Extenuating Circumstance form.


What happens if I don't fill in the form in full or don't provide documentary evidence?

Your claim may not be upheld if you fail to provide enough information or evidence for your claim to be considered. It is essential that you include all relevant course details on your form and submit supporting documentary or independent evidence with your claim.  You must also give a clear and concise explanation about how your circumstances impacted your attendance, which has led to your claim for extenuating circumstances.


What constitutes 'documentary evidence'?

The following are examples of documents that may be considered as evidence:

• Medical certificate

• Hospital/doctor’s letter

• Solicitor’s letter

Documentary evidence must be independently verifiable and therefore letters from family members or friends will not be accepted.  Where circumstances are of a nature that verifiable evidence is not available and your tutor/assessor is aware of your situation, they may provide a letter of support as evidence on your behalf.   


Where medical evidence is supplied it must include dates, time frame and a medical opinion about the likely effect of illness on your attendance.


What will happen if my EC claim is upheld?

If your claim for extenuating circumstances is upheld, one of the following outcomes will apply:


Course Attendance

You will either be granted a full refund, or your course organiser will offer you an opportunity to attend the next available course day(s). A refund is only possible if the first session/day has not yet started. If you opt for a course transfer you will have to attend the sessions in order, for example if your extenuating circumstances happened before session two, you will need to be transferred onto another course whereby you attend all sessions from session two onwards.


Log book/portfolio of evidence submission

Your course organiser will offer you a revised deadline to submit your log book/portfolio of evidence.


Assessment Attendance

Your course organiser will offer you an opportunity to attend the next available assessment day.

Theory Course Assessment

Your course organiser will offer you an opportunity to attend an alternate theory assessment date.


CPD Course – Fit for Practice Assessment

Your course organiser will either overturn the original NYC decision or provide full details to enable you to attend the next available course.


What will happen if my EC claim is not upheld?

If your extenuating circumstance is not upheld you will have to either book and pay for a new course or transfer to a new course for a fee, as outlined in the course transfer section.

Log book / portfolio of evidence submission

If you were unable to submit your log book/portfolio of evidence within the required timeframe, your course organiser will liaise with you regarding a suitable revised submission date.

• Fee - £20.00


Assessment Attendance 

If you missed your practical assessment, you will be charged a re-assessment fee specific to the level of course.

• UKCC Level 1 - £80.00

• UKCC Level 2 - £105.00

• Level 3 Technical Assessment - £40.00

• Level 4 - £70.00

• Level 5 - £70.00


Theory Course Assessment 

If you missed your theory assessment, you will be charged a re-assessment fee per paper:

• Fee - £10.00


CPD Course – Fit for Practice Assessment

You will be deemed NYC during your Fit for Practice sign-off, you will be required to register and pay to attend another course.


What if I don’t agree with the EC decision?

You must appeal within 14 working days of receiving the disputed EC decision.  You should explain why you want to appeal and include copies of any related documents or e-mails. Appeals should be sent to integrity@british-gymnastics.org.

Course Transfers
A transfer is when an individual has booked onto a course and is no longer able to attend, or has missed one of the sessions, but they do not meet the requirements necessary for an extenuating circumstance. In this instance an individual may transfer to a new course, where availability allows this. Where the learner has missed a session they must submit this request before the start of the next session of the course, i.e. if the learner misses session 2, they must request a transfer within 7 days of the missed session. Failure to do so will result in the learner having to book onto and pay for a new course.

The fees for a transfer for both scenarios above are outlined below:

UKCC Level 1 - £100

UKCC Level 2 - £125

Level 3 Coaching Theory - £100

Level 3 Technical Module - £40

Level 4 and 5 – N/A