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Instructing Gymnastics

Instructing Gymnastics

Gymnastics features as an activity in many multi-skills sports programmes, after schools clubs and holiday camps. These allow children to sample gymnastics in a fun and safe environment whilst developing physically, socially and emotionally. Additionally, these activities can develop a passion for gymnastics which can lead more children to take part in long-term structured gymnastics programmes.

At the heart of these activity programmes are instructors. Instructors provide positive and safe experiences in an enthusiastic manner. Programmes and sessions delivered by instructors develop participants’ physical literacy, fundamental movement patterns and low-level gymnastics skills.

If you want to deliver low-level gymnastics-based physical activity, then instructing is for you.

Currently we offer the Gymnastics Activity Instructor course. It provides you with all the information you need to independently deliver low-level gymnastics based physical activity. For more information visit the course page.