EuroGym 2020

EuroGym 2020

12th-16th July 2020 - Reykjavik Iceland

EuroGym is one of the biggest gymnastics events specifically for young people. A non-competitive festival event, EuroGym takes place every two years, the objective being to unite young European gymnasts, providing the opportunity for gymnasts to perform their team display routines on an international stage.

Performances, workshops and parties, EuroGym is a huge social non-competitive event for young people where everyone is welcome.

EuroGym is specifically targeted and tailored for gymnasts age 12-18 years old. The minimum number for a team is 6 gymnasts and each team must have a minimum of 2 leaders. For teams with more than 24 gymnasts there should be 1 leader per 12 gymnasts.

Teams can register gymnasts aged 10 or 11 but these gymnasts cannot make up more than 10% of the team. 10% can also be older than 18 but no older than 20 years old. At the final registration a copy of the participant’s passport must be send to British Gymnastics for security and accreditation purposes.

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