World Gymnaestrada 2023

World Gymnaestrada 2023

30th July - 5th August 2023 -

The 17th World Gymnaestrada will be held in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands on 30th July – 5th August 2023.

This is open to all current British Gymnastics Clubs and all participants and coaches must be British Gymnastics members in order to take part and registration is completed through British Gymnastics.

The World Gymnaestrada is a world-wide, non-competitive FIG Gymnastics for All event held every 4 years, attracting the largest number of active participants of any FIG event, with over 20,000 participants from around 50 nations taking part. The event is open to everybody, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, culture, ability or social standing. The non-competitive festival takes place over 7 days, with a jam packed schedule, including an Opening and Closing Ceremony, Team Performances, Great British whole delegation large group performances as well as an International Team performance. Teams can perform up to 5 times throughout the week, as well as, having the chance to see performances from other federations in their national evenings and the best of the best in the FIG Gala.

Want to see more about Gymnaestrada? Check out our video of the 2019 event in Dornbirn

Download the World Gymnaestrada 2023 Team Leader Handbook which contains useful information including Trip information, registration and package costs.