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Men's Artistic



Listed below are other national events that take place throughout each year in men’s artistic gymnastics as well as the British Championships.

National Elite Grades

The national Elite Grades are Individuals competitions only. There are six grades and these are as follows;

Level 1 – age 9

Level 2- age 10

Level 3- age 11

Level 4- age 12

Level 5- age 13

Level 6- age 14

Boys and Intermediate National Championships

After National Elite Grades but before moving onto the British Championships, gymnasts move through the categories of boys (11-12 years) and intermediate (13-14years) national Championships.

Adams Shield

The Adams Shield is the National Club Championships. Gymnasts who turn 15 within the year of competition and above are eligible to compete. The competition has a format of 5 in a team, 4 compete on each piece of apparatus and 3 scores count.

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