History - British Gymnastics


There is no future without a past.

The history section of the British Gymnastics website was originally created with the intention of marking some of the most significant events in the development of the Association since 1888. However, the increasing number of achievements since the second half of the 1990's has led to the necessity of more detailed records. With this in mind, the division of our significant milestones into decades, seemed a logical progression.

Although the thread of developments, events, initiatives and people does not go into the greatest detail, we believe that delving into the past can reveal how and why British Gymnastics celebrated unprecedented success at the Olympic Games.

We hope that this page can serve as a reference point to all those interested in the history of British Gymnastics and that our best achievements are still to come.

Rich in history and tradition, British Gymnastics is pleased to provide an abbreviated history of the sport in the United Kingdom.