World Championships

Men’s All Around Final.
If British Gymnastics has been growing up it has just come of age, 2 men in the top 6 of the World Championships. Daniel Keatings World Silver Medal. Kristian Thomas rank 6. Congratulations 2 great gymnasts and 2 great coaches, Paul Hall and Michelle Bradley. 2 Great coaches and 2 great clubs, Huntingdon and Earls.

Seeded by qualification rankings the best gymnasts in the world put their ambitions and ability to competitive test in the O2 Dome. Great Britain’s Daniel Keatings joined the top-qualifying group on Floor, all with a realistic chance of a medal. From the chasing groups Kazuhito Tanaka had a second chance to prove that his errors of previous days were not a reflection of his true ability.

After the first round Benoit Caranobe of France with the advantage of a Vault start headed the field with Kristian Thomas 19th.  Until the leading group passes through Vault predictions are very tricky.

Of the leading group, Uchimura was half a mark ahead of Kuksenkov and Devyatovsky with Dan Keatings 1.4 behind (5th of the leading group).
At the end of the second round 2 Uchimura had made himself the absolute leader with or without Vault. Dan Keatings has closed the gap and was well placed for a podium finish, 2nd of the leading group. He needed the cushion before Rings.

At the half way point Kristian Thomas had vaulted ahead of Dan Keatings, but it was still Uchimura forging ahead, Kuksenkov then Dan Keatings for the prospect of medals. The 4th round, with the vault anomaly wiped out the scoreboard would tell the true story.

With 4 apparatus completed no one was anywhere near to Uchimura but Dan Keatings had vaulted his way into second place. However,  Keatings, Mcneill, and Ryanzanov  were holding the result to no more than the odd bent leg or step on landing.

Into the last rotation Kristian Thomas was 9th. Uchimura was well in front with Dan Keatings holding the Silver by 8 tenths from Tanaka, Ryanzanov and Mcneill. Keatings was on his way to the greatest reward, a World medal. Only high bar to go.

Dan Keatings wrote a new chapter for British Gymnastics with a World Silver medal as he closed his tournament with high bar and a sweet routine for 14.475, 88.925 and World SILVER.

Kristian Thomas 87.35 and 6th place, a memorable result from the British Champion.

Kohei Uchimura brought the Championships to a close with an exhibition on high bar, 8 somersaults and 3 twists, 14.975, 91.5 and the title WORLD CHAMPION 2009.
We should all bow to man who has won the World Crown with two and a half points to spare.

Round 1

Jonathan Horton USA, with his first pass a double front found him sitting on the carpet nursing a depressing score of 13.775.
Dan Keatings GBR, full in back out, 1 1/2 straight full, double Arabian, flairs handstand triple Russians, double twist and 2 1/2 twist, 14.25, a good start.
Tim Mcneill USA, 1 3/4 arabian piked roll out, 14.5
Maxim Devyatovsky RUS, full in back out straight, 12 1/2 to front full, double twist punch front half, 1 3/4 front roll out, full in back out, 15.00
Kohei Uchimura, JAP, so fast, 1 1/2 twist back to front double twist, full twisting 1 3/4 roll Arabian, triple twist, 15.625
Mykola Kusenkov, UKR, twisting Thomas roll out, handspring front 1 1/4 roll out, triple twist, 15.05

Kazuhito Tanaka, JPN, sadly from a perfect fist few movements he found himself back on the floor and his chances of a comeback all but gone.
Kristian Thomas, GBR, 13.6

Round 2
Keatings, GBR, as good as it can get, none of the problems of the previous day, a perfect shear to handstand, 15.5
Mcneill, USA, very sharp, 360 Kehre (full turn on 1 arm), a few tenths for legs and 15.00 scored.
Devyatovsky RUS, through but not the prettiest with the E jury working away to 7.425 and a final score of 13.425.
Uchimura, JPN, clean and difficult, shear to handstand, a super Wu to triple Russians and a dismount that exploded across the horse to handstand, 14.9.
Round 3

Kusenkov, UKR, very clean swing picking up 14.6.
Jonathan Horton, USA, a sticky start with shear to handstand and the circle never really cleared until he fell, then a struggle at the dismount and his chances slipping away,

Kristian Thomas, a great routine, Honma to cross and uprise to Planche, double straight full dismount, 14.575

Round 3
Tim Mcneill, good Maltese, a struggle with a handstand and a double double dismount, 14.325
Devyatovsky, RUS, very good, double straight full and 15.075.
Uchimura uprise Maltese roll to cross, uprise to inverted cross, Honma to cross, double double tucked dismount,
Kuksenkov, UKR, Maltese, uprise to Planche, double pike front dismount, 14.4
Horton, roll to cross, uprise to Planch, Maltese, double straight full, 14.9.
Dan Keatings, GBR, upstart to cross, uprise to Planche, Honma to cross, 1 1/2 twisting double tuck dismount, 14.2.

Kristian Thomas Yurchenko 2 1/2, 15.8

Round 4
Devyatovsky, Rus, a monstrous Roche but sat down.
Uchimura, JPN, 2 1/2 Yurchenko, 16.050.
Kuksenkov, UKR, double twist but poor landing, 14.4.
Horton, USA, Roche, well-landed and tidy in shape, 15.75.
Keatings, GBR,Tsukahara double twist, 15.45.
Tim Mcneill, USA, Yurchenko double twist, 15.3

Parallel Bars, Kristian Thomas, upstart straddle, Stutz, front somersault straddle, Healey, Diamidov, Double pike back, 13.975

Round 5
Parallel Bars
Uchimura made his first error of the day, a step in handstand and then a free swing after belle (back giant double tuck), 14.625 cut his lead.
Kuksenkov, UKR, a wide straddle with Diamidov and some legs none too straight at times, the E jury took 1.5 so 14.2 to carry.
Jonathan Horton, USA, excellent gymnastics, undersomersault half turn, belle piked, Morisue and double pike, 15.125.
Dan Keatings, GBR,  undersomersault, front somersault straddle, Tippelt, undersomersault straddle, double pike, excellent, 15.05
Tim Mcneill, USA, many small faults for the E jury, Undersomersault half well past handstand and altogether not precise, 14.2, not what he was looking for.
Devyatovsky, RUS, great start, undersomersault half, Belle, Morisue, Biloserchev and looking slow, a weak tucked  dismount, 14.55

High Bar,
Tanaka, squat out full Markelov, 14.9.
Kristian Thomas, Tkachevs Straight, straddle and straddle to cross hand, double straight full dismount, 14.4.
Ryanzanov, was going well but ran away with the dismount. 14.5.

Round 6

High Bar
Kuksenkov, UKR, Kovacs full and fell, 13.475
Horton, USA, squat out full and Markelov, Kovacs straight, Kovacs full twist and fell, Kovacs tucked, Rybalko, double straight full, 13.65.
Keatings, GBR, Markelov, Squat half, elgrip Endo, double straight full, 14.475.
Devyatovsky, squat full Markelov, Tkachev straight, squat half, double straight full, 14.55
Uchimura, Kovacs straight, Stalder Rybalko, Kovacs tucked, Kovacs full, elgrip Endo, double double straight, 14.975

Kristian Thomas, double Arabian piked, front full front 1 1/2, 2 1/2 punch front half, Thomas roll piked, double Arabian, 15.0
Tanaka, JPN, double double tucked, 2 1/2 front half, triple twist very deep, 14.65.
Ryanzanov, big jumps but a lot of jumps on landings, 2 1/2 twist to close, 14.825