Apparatus Final reports - British Gymnastics

Apparatus Final reports

Louis Smith unable to repeat Olympic success on Pommel in the World Artistic Gymnastics Apparatus Finals (day one)




The Legend goes on

Jordan Jovtchev of Bulgaria pushed the new generation hard to claim the Silver medal. He gave Yan Mingtong 10 years his junior just 1 tenth, enough to give China Gold.

Yan Mingtong
CHN 24 year old from Shanghai, great strength and unusual design with 2 hang positions, Maltese, back lever to Maltese, roll to Maltese, uprise to Planche, Honma to cross and double straight full dismount, 15.675 GOLD

Jordan Jovtchev
BUL uprise to Maltese rise to inverted cross, half lever cross rise to inverted cross, honma to cross rise to Maltese, double straight with full twist, 15.575.SILVER

Alexander Vorobiov
, UKR roll to Maltese rise to inverted cross, roll to cross, uprise to Maltese, uprise to Planche rise to inverted cross, double front piked dismount, 15.55 BRONZE


Disappointment for Great Britain as Louis Smith falls from pommels.

Louis enjoys the pressure of competition and with the support of a home audience of 12,000 he was not short of inspiration. But sadly it was not to be. First up Louis took the risk of a high value routine to put the pressure on his rivals. He took his first back shear to handstand but cur short his second as shear half and never quite settled the swing slowing to a halt and dropping off. His second half was perfect but too late, 14.45 well below the target.

Hongtao Zhang CHN.  We should rewrite the textbook of swing. In shape and form it is exceptional. Double spindle, shear handstand, Shivado, Wu,  triple Russian, a long 1 handle flop series into a handstand pirouette dismount, perfection, 16.2 scored from a 6.6 difficulty rating. GOLD

Kristian Berki
HUN.  At 5ft 10inches tall he has the disadvantage of long limbs to move but the advantage that when he swings it looks endless. A long flair section to open with some fine swing through one handle and travels, a beautiful dismount, 6.9 difficulty and scored 16.075. SILVER.

Prashanth Sellathuria AUS.  Very tidy with a strong swing but some of the handstand skills were a little short. He pulled back from some big deviations of tempo and had the balance of swing and difficulty spot on, 15.4. BRONZE


An impressive victory for the grand master off Floor and Vault Marian Dragalescu of Romania. China’s firework display was not so bright and Israel takes a long awaited World medal.

Dragalescu opened with a massive and perfect double straight with full twist and fclosed with double twisting double back tucked. He kept the Execution jury bored with only 9 tenths deducted, 15.7 scored for GOLD. At 29 years old this World Champion from 2001 and 2002 shows no lack of enthusiasm.

Zou Kai CHN, had all the difficulty but was hit by the execution jury to wipe out his outrageous tumbles. He was not as sharp or defined as in the qualifications, double twisting double straight, twisting combinations, whip to 1 3/4 Thomas roll piked and triple twist, 15.675. from a massive 6.8 difficulty. SILVER

Alexander Shatilov  ISR  He was born in Uzbekistan and is now living and training in Tel Aviv. hit the perfect balance of difficulty and execution to win BRONZE with. 15.575 a unique medal win for Israel.



Kayla Williams 15.087 took the Vault Gold from Ariella Kaeslin (SUI) 14.525, and Youna Dufournet, Bronze (FRA) 14.450.

1.    Anna Myzdrikova (RUS)
With no touch warm up Anna is straight into her first vault Well performed layout Podopayeva if perhaps not quite as flighty as in qualifying. 5.6 D score, 14.275.

As many of the finalists will, she also used a double twisting Yurchenko. Hers is unlikely to be one of the best though - she seemed to have good lift off the top but lost leg form and came in short with a deep landing and step forwards.  14.175 and 14.225 average.

2.    Ariella Kaeslin (SUI)
Kaeslin will no doubt be hoping for a medal. She opened with a huge 6.3 rated handspring rudi vault with enormous height off the top. Slight deviation from the straight line on landing. The scoreboard flashes a 5.9 D score has been credited. The judges have something of a deliberation no doubt on this point. The D score is corrected and 15.075 is Ariella’s first vault score.

A safely performed 1.5 twisting Yurchenko was her second vault. She lost a little leg form coming in to land but she will have set a good standard for those to follow. 13.975 for 14.525 average, taking her ahead of Myzdrikova.

3.    Hong Un Jong (PRK)
Now for the turn of the Olympic vault champion and favourite. Performing the only Amanar (2.5 twisting Yurchenko) of the competition and having landed safely in qualifying, this time she came to grief and sat it down. She still receives a decent 14.425 perhaps keeping her in the medal hunt.  However, disaster struck again on vault two, where she added an extra twist from her qualifying vault, attempting a handspring 1.5 twisting straight front but really coming nowhere near to landing safely – 14.1 and a disappointing average of 14.262 for her, throwing the competition wide open.

4.    Kayla Williams (USA)
    Kayla started with the handspring 1.5 twisting pike front and showed good flight and a solid landing, if a little loose in the air. 15.2 from a 6.3 start put her in a strong position. Stuck landings on double twisting Yurchenkos are rare but Kayla produced one on her second vault, good height and landing fully upright without a flicker. 14.975 and 15.087 putting her firmly in the driving seat with a huge, and probably unassailable target for the remaining finalists.

5.    Elsa Garcia (MEX)
Elsa has showed a delightful blend of power and elegance this championships, evidenced by her being awarded the Longines prize for elegance last night. She showed very good height and length on the 1.5 twisting Yurchenko with just a step back.  Garcia attempted a layout Yurchenko entry Quervo off but didn’t make a strong enough contact and crashed out quite heavily but thankfully without seeming to have sustained an injury. 13.287 will keep her down the rankings.

6.    Brittany Rogers (CAN)
Brittany had fared well in the all around event and already seems to have grown in confidence this championships. Her double twisting Yurchenko did not quite have the amplitude of Williams and was a tiny bit short on landing but a good solid start to her campaign. 14.425. Her second vault was pleasing on the eye with the layout Podkopayeva for 5.6 difficulty score and a strong challenge from Brittany. 13.975 for 14.2 average.

7.    Ekaterina Kurbatova (RUS)
Trying to put her disappointment of her fall yesterday behind her, Ekaterina started well with a beautifully set double twisting Yurchenko. 14.725 is an excellent score for this vault. The layout Podkopayeva made a further appearance here and looked good in flight but the knees buckled on a low landing for 13.95 for 14.337 average, placing her third.

8.     Youna Dufournet (FRA)
Youna knew she would be relying on form and execution with her slightly lower difficulty rated vaults. She had plenty of both o the opening 1.5 twisting Yurchenko and was very aware on landing; 14.275. She finished with another layout Podkopayeva and probably the best performed of those we have seen. She held a strong straight shape and seems to have excellent spacial awareness. 14.625 for 14.45 average giving her an unexpected but well deserved bronze medal to crown an excellent championships for her.


He Kexin (CHN) 16.000 takes Gold from Koko Tsurumi (JPN) 14.875 and Ana Porgras (ROU) and Rebecca Bross (USA) tied 3rd, 14.675

1.    He Kexin (CHN)
He did not appear the least bit phased by being first up in this final. Her release combination was seemingly caught on her finger tips. The straight Jaeger somersault from inverts was beautiful as was the Pak and the full in dismount. 7.1 D score, very high E score for 16.0, the highest score of the women’s competition so far.

2.     Cha Yoing Hwa (PRK)
Had a tough task following the Olympic champion but almost matched her in terms of jaw dropping skills – well caught Def (full twisting Geinger), squat dislocate but lost it on her turns and had to take an extra swing which is likely to keep her out of what could have been a medal shot. 14.65

3.    Koko Tsurami (JPN)
The all around bronze medallist will face a new air of expectancy from now on, but it did not seem to concern her too greatly today as she went cleanly through her bar routine showing beautiful lines and precision. Inside stalder, Jaeger and Ono half out through to double layout. 14.875.

4.    Serena Licchetta (ITA)
A perhaps surprise finalist, Serena was in trouble from the start of her routine, making an almost identical error twice over before finally falling from the apparatus after her Commaneci. A shame, as she made good use of stalder and endo work in regular and inverted grip.

5.    Larissa Miller (AUS)
17 year old relative newcomer Larissa Miller was looking to continue the tradition of good bar work the Australians have set themselves in recent years. She showed precise and technically accurate work – all of her skills on locked out straight arms, and turns right on top of the bar. A stuck landing on her full in back out topped her routine off. 14.575 the slightly low score perhaps reflecting the lack of swing and amplitude as compared to some of the earlier finalists.

6.    Bridget Sloan (USA)
The new all around champion made her first apparatus final appearance on the bars where she was strong and accurate on her piked and straddle Tkachevs from toe on entry and her turning combinations (will she incur a deduction for overuse of the toe on though?!). An excellent full twisting double straight dismount was the highlight. She will perhaps have expected more than 14.6.

7.    Ana Porgras (ROU)
Ana’s excellent performance in qualifying meant that she made three of the four apparatus finals. This was probably the one where she had least chance of a medal, but in true Romanian style she would of course have wanted to go through without error. And she did so but had a relatively low execution score due to a couple of late turns and leg separations. Her good difficulty score carried her through though to 14.675, third with one gymnast remaining.

8.    Rebecca Bross (USA) 
Rebecca once again showed amplitude on flight skills far and away ahead of the rest of the field but was perhaps slightly less accurate on a couple of her pirouettes than she had been earlier in the week. 14.675 put her equal third with Porgras.