2011 Glasgow World Cup - Men's - British Gymnastics

2011 Glasgow World Cup - Men's

DanPurvisGalsgow-Britain’s Daniel Purvis takes the men’s title
16/04 – The Men’s competition at the Glasgow World Cup all-around contained a lot of experienced gymnasts that all had the potential to take home a medal. Dan Purvis (GBR) gave a superb performance throughout to claim the Gold medal in front of a supportive home crowd. Purvis was closely followed by the recently crowned European Champion, Phillip Boy (GER), whose fall on Vault cost him the title. The bronze went to Rafael Martinez from Spain who performed some exciting routines to please the crowd. Britain’s Sam Hunter who shares the British title with Dan Purvis, finished in 8th position just behind Olmypic medalist Jonathan Horton, whilst wildcard Daniel Keating’s (GBR) used the competition to enter back onto the World stage following a serious knee injury, although he could not be counted in the overall rankings, Keatings put in a very promising performance- 87.366.
Overall Standings

1.    PURVIS Daniel – 88.598
2.    BOY Phillip – 88.498
3.    MARTINEZ Rafael – 88.065
4.    KUKSENKOV Mykola – 86.832
5.    SHATILOV Alexander – 86.331
6.    TOMMASONE Cyril – 86.298
7.    HORTON Jonathan – 85.131
8.    HUNTER Sam – 85.099
WILDCARD- KEATINGS Daniel – 87.366

Dan Purvis- (GBR) 1ST Place - “I’m really pleased, it was a bit of a shock to be honest, coming back from Euros I just wanted to have fun but I managed some clean routines and came 1st. It’ll be straight back to training on Monday, I've still got quite a few competitions coming up so my aim is to just keep fit and at the same time continue to compete well.”

Phillip Boy (GER) 2nd Place - “I’m not very happy with my performance as I had quite a few mistakes but congratulations to Daniel on such a good performance. With more competitions to come I’m looking to improve on my silver medal from last years World Championships.”



KEATINGS (GBR) was first up on floor in his first World Cup event since a knee injury last year. As a wildcard in the competition his scores did not count towards the final standings. He started with a good Double Arabian with a bit of a step back but recovered with good 2nd pass. Finishing with a solid 2 and a half twist to finish - 14.400.

PURVIS (GBR) – A solid start with some Clean landings. A Good double Arabian with only small hop to end – 15.100

Shatilov (ISR) – Only small hops on landings some clean work including a 2 ½ twist into a punch front full and An impressive Double twisting double back. – 15.366

Kuksenkov (UKR) – A nice start with a  2 and a half to punch front full with only small step on landing. A safe double twist as a final tumble. – 14.466

Martinez (ESP) – good 2 ½ solid landings. Good flares ending in splits. No steps, small step on final tumble. Handspring front double twist – 14.800

Tommasone (FRA) – Straight front into double twist, small step. Good flairs until he fell. – 13.233

HUNTER (GBR) – Small step on first landings.  Back 1 ½ into front 1 ½. Solid Arabian somersault. Handspring double full with a stuck landing to finish. – 14.533

Horton (USA) – Good double twisting double back but low landing. Falls on final tumble, hands down. Solid routine until the final landing. – 14.233

Boy (GER) –Just manages to stay in bounds on first tumble. Well controlled flairs with a good finish. Triple twist to finish, small step but well executed. – 15.033


KEATINGS (GBR) was up first again. He got off to a good start but then fell on spindle on the end of the horse. Finished of with his travels up and down the horse and a clean handstand dismount. - 13.633

Shatilov (ISR)- No falls but slight loss of form on the Wu travel, which proved to be a difficult skill to master today. He performed an excellent triple Russian dismount to finish- 13.833

Kuksenkov (UKR)- Shear to handstand, a steady performance but used a lot of strength on handstand dismount- 12.8

(ESP)- A solid routine, travelled nicely up and down the pommel horse, slightly skewed in his circles but finishes well with a good handstand dismount- 14.133

(FRA)- Two consecutive shears to handstand, good travel. Clean handstand dismount. Best routine so far. - 15.366

HUNTER (GBR)- Two consecutive shears, a few hesitations but uses his strength to get through to a very enthusiastic crowd. - 13.800

Horton (USA)- Good shear to handstand, some good leg form and travelling, slight loss of from on dismount but a good landing to finish a solid routine- 13.3

Boy (GER)- slight brush of pommels to start but good form throughout travels, a nice routine, punching the air in celebration as he finished. – 14.133

PURVIS (GBR)- slight loss of from in the middle on his Wu travel but recovers with a good handstand dismount. – 14.033


KEATINGS (GBR) - Kip to cross, good control throughout, one and a half twisting double back with only a small hop on landing. 14.1

Kuksenkov (UKR)- Controlled well throughout, double pike front dismount only small step on landing. Strong routine – 14.433

Martinez (ESP) - Nice cross, one and a half twisting double back dismount again a solid landing with only a small step. 14.4

Tommosone (FRA)- Full in back out dismount, good strength work. Recovering well from his fall on floor- 13.600

HUNTER (GBR)- Good strength work, controlled throughout, until a fall on his dismount. – 12.933

Horton (USA)- Good strength work, slight loss of form on handstands before dismount but a good double twisting double back to finish. 15.066

Boy (GER)- Good control, very relaxed, double pike front dismount to finish a very clean routine.- 14.500

PURIVS (GBR)- Stuck double twisting double back dismount, control throughout, great execution. - 14.466

Shatilov (ISR) - A controlled performance with only a small step on dismount. - 13.9


KEATINGS (GBR) – No steps on landing, clean vault. – 15.733

Martinez (ESP) Tight throughout, good landing- 15.233

Tommasone (FRA)- Another solid performance - 15.433

HUNTER (GBR)- Double twisting Yurchenko, slight legs apart but good landing with only a small step- 15.500

Horton- (USA)- Handspring double front, slightly low landing, but otherwise well executed. 15.866

Boy- (GER)- Handspring double falls but stumbles and falls. 14.933

PURVIS (GBR)- 2 ½ twisting Yurchenko with a step on landing but good form. 15.966

Shatilov (ISR) – Clean and confident - 15.466

Kuksenkov (UKR)- Nice Yurchenko double with a small hop on landing. 15.733

P bars

KEATINGS (GBR) - A really nice routine only a small step on landing on the double pike dismount. – 15.100

Tommasone- (FRA)- A few hopes on dismount but a steady routine. 14.133

HUNTER (GBR)- Loss of swing, recovers well with a clean Healy, big step on the double pike dismount but he gets through.- 13.833

Horton (USA)- A few losses of swings throughout, but some difficult skills, strong handstands, double pike dismount to finish- 12.966

Boy (GER)- a solid routine until a big stumble on the dismount, a good save on the double pike. 14.366

PURVIS (GBR)- The pressure was on for Purvis as Boy completed a strong performance. Purvis went through with very few errors finishing on a double pike dismount to a roaring crowd! - 14.933

Shatilov (ISR) - Untidy in parts but good strong handstands, nice double pike to finish- 14.233

Kuksenkov (UKR)- Tidy and controlled, only a small hop on dismount- 14.500

Martinez (ESP)- A strong performance, few errors only small jump on landing- 14.666

High Bar

KEATINGS (GBR) - Full twisting double straight dismount to stick. 14.4

HUNTER (GBR)- Good double twisting double straight, step on landing but clean routine. – 14.500

Horton (USA)- Nice beginning but falls, some big releases to recover but a deep landing on the dismount- 13.700

Boy (GER)- Some very difficult skills, a well executed routine, with just a step on landing. – 15.533

PURVIS (GBR)- A good save after a small hesitation but he works through it to finish with a good dismount. – 14.100

Shatilov (ISR)- A good start but a fall costs him, he recovers well. – 13.500

Kuksenkov (UKR)- A confident routine with a strong dismount. – 14.900

Tommasone (FRA)- A steady routine with nice form. – 14.533