2011 Glasgow World Cup - Women's - British Gymnastics

2011 Glasgow World Cup - Women's

RaceaRacea is the womens Champion.
16/04 - The women’s event took place today in front of a sell out crowd in the Kelvin Hall arena. There were some strong contenders in the group but with a lot of falls counted, the medal places were fought right to the finish. Racea (ROU) took the top spot after a clean all-around performance showing composure throughout. Lopez (VEN) took the Silver medal position with consistent scores on all pieces. The young Romanian Haidu grabbed the Bronze despite two falls, performing an energetic floor routine to secure her place in the top 3. Britain’s Hannah Whelan finished in 5th, with some good work but unfortunate falls that left her outside the medals. Jennifer Pinches also from Great Britain finished in 8th, she ended with a solid performance on floor but earlier mistakes proved to be costly.

Overall Standings
1.    RACEA Amelia – 54.566
2.    LOPEZ Jessica – 53.931
3.    HAIDU Raluca – 52.432
4.    SEITZ Elisabeth – 52.232
5.    WHELAN Hannah – 52.132
6.    STEINGRUBER Giulia – 52.032
7.    MILLOUSI Vasiliiki – 51.799
8.    PINCHES Jennifer – 51.300

RACEA Elena Amelia (ROU) -  “I am very pleased with my performance here today and hope I can continue this success in this years World Championships.”

LOPEZ Jessica (VEN) - “It went very well for me today, I really enjoyed the competition. I did well on floor and beam but I had to water down my routines somewhat. My goals are to improve from last years World Championships and make event finals.”


WHELAN (GBR) – Full twisting Yurchenko, a solid landing and lovely form only a small hop on landing. 13.666

LOPEZ (VEN) – full twisting Yurchenko, performed in a very similar way to Whelan and receives the same score! 13.666

PINCHES (GBR) – Full twisting Yurchenko, nice form again with a step on landing. 13.500

HAIDU (ROU)- Double twisting Yurchenko, nice form however a big step to the side on the landing. 14.200

SEITZ (GER) – Double twisting Yurchenko, good shape only a step back on landing. 14.400

RACEA (ROU) – Double twisting Yurchenko, slight loss of form and a couple of steps on landing. 14.200

STEINGRUBER (SUI) – Handspring front one and a half. Good block, tight and confidently performed, only a step landing. 15.266

MILLOUSI (GRE) – Straight Yurchenko, slight lack on body tension but solid landing. 12.866


LOPEZ (VEN) – Jaeger, followed by nice Tkachev, lovely double front dismount to stick! 13.466

PINCHES (GBR) – Unfortunately fell on her first element shap half, recovers well with some clean skills to stick her back in full out dismount. – 11.900

HAIDU (ROU)- Fall on Jaeger. Again recovers well to stick dismount- 12.766

SEITZ (GER)- Ginger, toe on Tkachev, fall on Jaeger. Finishes well but a few small errors. 12.226

RACEA (ROU) – Nice lines, nice double front dismount with just a small step on landing. – 13.700

STEINGRUBER (SUI) – Short of a few handstands, close on the geinger and then a  fall on double front after a stumble. 11.833

MILLOUSI (GRE) – Jaeger, double pike dismount, short clear hect, clean but simple. 12.900

WHELAN (GBR) – Didn’t make short clear full, got back on track but then hit feet on the low bar. She composed herself well but then fell on her dismount. 11.533


PINCHES (GBR) – Free walkover sheep jump. Fall on flick to one flick to two straight back. 2 ½ twist to finish with a step to the side. A few small errors. 12.2

HAIDU (ROU)  - Fall on flick full, small wobble on sheep jump, again on free cartwheel, nice flick to one flick to two double pike to finish but again quite a few costly errors. 12.633

SEITZ (GER) – Front somi to start. Some nice jumps. Nice double spin. A big wobble on the tuck back, a good save but costly. Nice double pike to finish. – 12.166

RACEA (ROU) – Flick full, wobble but shes on. 2 ½ twist dismount with a large step forward on landing. Not perfect but clean - 13.766

STEINGRUBER (SUI) – Flick layout rather large wobble. Nice leaps and spin. Front one and a half dismount. Clean but not the most difficult. 12.533

MILLOUSI (GRE) – Big wobble on layout mount, solid flick layout, nice side somi, double back dismount with a deep landing. – 13.600

WHELAN (GBR)- Nice free walk sheep jump. Change leg, nodi. Fall on free cartwheel layout. Apart from the fall a nice solid beam routine. 13.033

LOPEZ (VEN) – Nice side somi, a few early wobbles, 2 ½ twist with just a small step forward on landing. 13.366


HAIDU (ROMU – Lovely bouncy music, Full in back out, one and a half through to 2 1/2 steps out floor. Good double tuck. Double pike with a bounce to finish. A lot of power for her size. 12.833

SEITZ (GER) – Modern mix of music, one and a half to 2 and a half. Lovley triple spin. Well performed to the crowd and judges alike. 13.400

RACEA (ROU)- Nice triple, lovely high leaps. A good save on the 2 and a half punch as it landed a little short. Double tuck to finish but quite a deep landing. 12.900

STEINGRUBER (SUI) – Nice double straight just kept in the floor but steps out on her second tumble. A simple but safe double twist for her third pass. Nice double pike to finish but bounces right outside the floor. 12.400

MILLOUSI (GRE)  - Whip whip double tuck a very deep landing. Double twist as her second pass. Finishes with a nice double pike but not a particularly difficult routine. 12.433

WHELAN (GBR) - nice whip triple, solid one and a half through to 2 ½. Nice leap series. Nice double tuck. Lovely artistic dance, a few steps on the double pike to finish but overall a nice routine! 13.900

LOPEZ (VEN) – A beautiful triple twist, followed by a solid double pike. A nice 2 ½ to finish. Overall some good work. 13.433

PINCHES (GBR) - Nice double Arabian to begin, one and a half to triple, nice double tuck and a double pike to stick to finish.  – 13.700