2007 Men's British Championships (2007) - British Gymnastics

2007 Men's British Championships (2007)



Continuing his fantastic achievements throughout 2007 (Silver medal on Pommels at the European Championships in May and a World Final in September), severnteen year old Daniel Keatings, from Huntingdon Olympic Gym Club grabbed the Men’s Senior Overall title in Wigan for the first time in his career. The Silver medal went to Luke Folwell, also from Huntingdon and the Bronze, to Ross Brewer from Sutton.

Daniel said: “It’s absolutely great I’m really pleased with that result. There were definitely some nervous moments but I brought it back. After the Worlds in Stuttgart I took a couple of weeks off but then I've been in the gym working as hard as ever as I treat this competition as being one of the biggest.

Hopefully I will have day off on Monday but then it’ll be pommels,
pommels, pommels in the run up to the Glasgow Grand Prix.”

The Under 18 All-around title went to Kristain Thomas of Earls who was a
member of the GBR World Championships Team. Southport’s Daniel Purvis finished in Silver medal position with Theo Seager (City of Leeds) taking the All-around Bronze.

The Under 16’s Championship went to Reece Pearson (Notts School of Gymnastics) with Reiss Beckford (South Essex) and Cameron Mackenzie (Huntingdon) in second and third spots.

And in the final competition of day one, the Under 14's, the title went to Sam Oldham. Two gymnasts from South Essex GC, Max Whitlock and Joseph Ben-Aderet, followed in Silver and Bronze places.

In the Under 12 Competition held on Sunday, South Essex's Brinn Bevan came out on top followed by team-mate Andrew Tucker and Frank Baines from Southport.