Artistic Worlds - Dan Purvis 4th in the World - British Gymnastics

Artistic Worlds - Dan Purvis 4th in the World

Tokyo-2011---Boys14/10 Tokyo:  Britain’s Daniel Purvis  finished a superb 4th in the World Championships men’s all-around final, just 0.323 marks of a podium place after a final piece showdown on the high bar.  The title was won in supreme style by Japanese hero Kohei Uchimura with one the greatest all-around displays ever witnessed to score him a huge 93.631 points.

Having qualified for the final in 5th, Dan Purvis was in the lead group starting on floor, one his best pieces, where he was first up in the whole competition. Known for his ability to handle the pressure Dan didn’t disappoint with all eyes on him he went clean and looked supremely confident to score 15.033. Of the leading pack in qualification only Japanese superstar Kohei  Uchimura could better Dan’s score with his sensational floor routine scoring 15.566. Over on pommel Tommasone of France started well to score 15.400 while several gymnasts on vault, the highest scoring piece in men’s gymnastics, took the top rankings at this very early stage.

The top group then moved on to pommel, America’s John Orozco the first gymnast to have difficulties, a mixed up dismount proving too costly as he scored 14.366. Uchimura, with the sound of camera shutters greeting his every move, went clean to score 15.400 and was looking in dominant form. Dan, with his teammates shouting support nearby in the crowd, lost a tiny bit of form midway, but as always he remained composed, dismounted cleanly and scored 14.566. German star Phillip Boy was also looking strong after 2 pieces.

Elsewhere of gymnasts yet to vault, Kuksenkov of Russia had started well with a 15 on pommel and 14.500 on rings, while Tommasone continued to go clean.

On rings, Leyva continued his clean start while teammate Orozco added to his earlier errors but again they weren’t too costly. Uchimura continued to lift the roof of the packed arena, clearly determined to make a statement to the world, his rings scoring him 15.166, all scores over 15 at the half way mark for Kohei ,and a huge lead even before vaulting. Boy was further warming to the challenge, a fist pump to his fans after his 14.500. Dan followed Boy cleanly, a small step on dismount and a huge puff of his chest to score 14.333 and put him firmly in the hunt at the halfway point, Yamamuro also there about’s after his 15.125 rings routine.

And so on to vault for the top group, the point at which the scores could even themselves out and the medal challenges be assessed. Uchimura at this point was on a different level, a long wait to vault didn’t faze him in any way and he stuck his landing perfectly for 16.233 one of the best vaults of the night, Boy following him with a superb handspring double front and a dead landing, 16.066.

Dan at this point knew he was in the hunt, despite groans coming from the nearby high bar he stuck to his task, a little hop on landing for a score of 16.000, Yamamuro following with a high difficulty vault and  side step on landing for 16.066. After 4 pieces Daniel Purvis was looking strong in 3rd spot, battling with Yamamuro , Boy, Kuksenkov and Shatilov.

Superlatives were running out in the press box as Uchimura completed his parallel bars routine - 15.666, by far the highest scoring routine on that piece out of all gymnasts, he was competing on another level to everyone else, Boy went clean following up yet still finished a whole point behind.
Dan was precise and clean, the epitome of calm seemingly unaware and certainly unfazed by his standing, he scored 15.200 to keep well above Boy. Yamamuro next up with 13.966 to stay just 0.257 ahead of Dan. Kusenkov on high bar hit a 15.200, while Belyavkskiy on floor scored 14.733 to keep them both in the pack.

The top 5 after 5 pieces read - 1. Uchimura 77.931 2. Yamamuro 75.389 3. Purvis 75.132 4. Kuksenkov 74.766 5. Belyavskiy 74.541 6. Boy 74.464.

Boy was up first on high bar, always a dramatic end to the men’s competition and he nailed it, fist pumps to the crowd, he scored a massive 16.066, Dan to follow, a slight break of form, a perfect dismount and landing scores 14.800, meaning Boy at the last stage sneaked ahead.
Yamamuro next up and Dan needing errors from him, but there weren’t any, his clean routine giving him 14.866, above Dan and behind Boy who’s high bar routine changed the whole game.

Fittingly Uchimura was the last up, the crowd going absolutely wild, even the other gymnasts cheering him on – hits a 15.700 for an-around of 93.631 – unbelievable!

Dan Purvis – Floor 15.033, pommel  14.566, rings 14.333, vault  16.000, p.bars 15.200, high bar 14.800

1. Uchimura 93.631 2. Boy 90.530 3. Yamamuro 90.255 4. Purvis 89.932