Acro Euro's – Thrilling Thursday for GB gymnasts. - British Gymnastics

Acro Euro's – Thrilling Thursday for GB gymnasts.

acro_euros27/10: In the juniors and seniors there was success on the first day of finals at the 2011 European Acrobatic gymnastics Championships in Varna with 6 medals for Great Britain, and the promise of more to come over the next three days of competition.




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BALANCE: The Men’s Pair from Heathrow, Edward Upcott and Adam McAssey qualified in pole position, with Wakefields Men’s Pair in 4th place.  However the 1 per Federation rule for Finals meant there could be only one GBR representation in the Final.  Edward Upcott and Adam McAssey went on to maintain their form from qualification and delivered the gold that they had hoped for – exceptional work!

BALANCE: Similarly the Men’s Group from Deerness, Jesse Heskett, Richard Hurst, Dorian Walker and Matthew Evison followed suit and also qualified in first place.  Unlike the Senior Men’s Pair the competition was ‘just’ the rest of Europe, however they too held form to make it a golden Thursday’s with dual European titles in Balance for Men’s Pairs and Group - superb success!

BALANCE: The Women’s Pair from Heathrow, Poppy Spalding and Alanna Baker also qualified in first place.  It was unfortunate that unlike the Senior Men’s Pair and Group, they could not quite make a triple golden day, however they too finished with a bronze medal – 3rd in Europe is no small feat! 

DYNAMIC: The Mixed Pair from Wakefield, Emily McCarthy and Chris McGreevy were amongst strong opposition and just finished outside of the qualification zone in 10th place.

DYNAMIC: The Heathrow Women’s Group took 3rd spot in the qualification and brilliantly matched this in the final - bronze for Liliana Walduck, Casey Morrison & Amber Campbell-White.

Head of Delegation, Sandra Sargeant: ”After a great start with the Men’s Pair I was left speechless to see the Men’s Group go on to perform a golden balance routine!  The Men were superb, but I am so proud and pleased for everyone”

Performance Director, Steve Green: “This was a strong British team full of promise. However, I had not anticipated 4 medals from the seniors on their first day of finals, [two gold and 2 bronze], as well as 2 medals from the juniors, [silver and bronze]. On the first day of finals in all of the categories we entered, baring one we made a final with of 5 medals. The Upcott's must be celebrating with Edward and Adam McAssey dominating in the Senior Balance, and Alice and Dominic Smith clinching a bronze also in Balance as juniors. So far this has been a brilliant performance and follows the success of the Age Group results of 2 gold and 2 silver medals – superb work from the gymnasts, their coaches and clubs as well as from the support team in Varna!”


DYNAMIC: The Mixed Pair Alice Upcott and Dominic Smith qualified for the final in 4th spot just ahead of Erin Walker and Rhys Maxwell who placed 5th. In the final Alice and Dominic scoring 27.900 for bronze

BALANCE: Shanie-Redd Thorne and Danielle Jones, the Women’s Pair from St Edmunds, qualified through to the final in 4th with Abigail Ralph and Amy Mackenzie in 5th. In the final the girls matched their qualification standings, narrowly missing a podium spot in 4th.

BALANCE: The men's group from Deerness qualified in 4th position for the final where they eventually placed in 5th.

BALANCE: Timothy Pritchard and Alex Houston placed 3rd in the Men’s Pair balance qualification with Jake Underdown and Christopher Child in 4th.
Timothy and Alex went one better in the final, 27.900 and a brilliant silver medal!

DYNAMIC: The Women’s Group from Deeerness finished in 3rd spot with the group from Heathrow in 6th. The girls went on to finish 4th in the final.