Acro European's - Qualification news - British Gymnastics

Acro European's - Qualification news

acro_euros28/10  : After a brilliant medal-filled start by the British acrobatic gymnasts, the competition continues in Varna with further qualification rounds on Friday and more finals to come over the weekend

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DYNAMIC: The Men’s Group, Joe Charman, Conrad Dempsey, Michael Gill and William Sneath from Deerness finished in 4th in the dynamic qualification putting them into the final and also the combined final. Men’s Pair, Jake Underdown and Christpher Child placed 4th with Timohty Pritchard and Alex Houston in 5th (Chris and Jake 3rd in combined qualification)

BALANCE: Emily Forsyth, Millie Nesbitt & Carys Ridsdale of Deerness placed 4th in qualification just ahead of British teammates Laura Burgon, Elise Matthews & Anne-Marie Seabourn. Emily, Mille and Carys qualify in 3rd for the combined final.

BALANCE: Mixed Pair Alice Upcott and Dominic Smith qualified in 3rd place with Erin Walker and Rhys Maxwell missing out on the final due to the 1 per nation rule in 6th, Alice and Dominic also qualifying for Sundays combined final in 4th.

DYNAMIC: Women’s Pair Abigail Ralph and Amy Mackenzie placed 3rd in qualifying with Shanie-Redd Thorne and Danielle Jones in 6th (Abi and Amy 4th in combined qualification).

DYNAMIC: The Men’s Group from Deerness placed 3rd in dynamic qualification taking them into the final and also into the combined final in top rank

BALANCE: The Women’s Group form Heathrow finished in 8th and also progress through to Sunday combined finals in 5th.

DYNAMIC: Poppy Spalding and Alana Baker topped the qualifying and lead the combined placing’s.

DYNAMIC: Men's Pair Adam Mcassey and Edward Upcott placed 3rd with Jack Atherton and Justin Beardmore in 5th, Edward and Adam 2dn in the combined ranks.

BALANCE: Mixed Pair Christopher McGreevy and Emily McCarthy finished in 5th and go through to the combined final in 6th spot.