2011 TRA/TUM/DMT World Champs – Team silver for GB - British Gymnastics

2011 TRA/TUM/DMT World Champs – Team silver for GB

silver_world_medalTumbling and DMT qualifications and trampoline team finals

18/11: The British women’s trampoline team produced a sensational performance to claim the silver medal at the NIA in Birmingham. Emma Smith, Laura Gallagher and Kat Driscoll, all completed clean, precise routines to give GBR a team total of 159.585 behind champions China (164.485) and ahead of Canada in bronze (159.085).

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Kat Driscoll- “Winning the silver medal is amazing, when you think about it, were the second best team in the world! Now all we have to do is go one better and beat the Chinese. To come out and perform the way we did after the way we felt after the preliminaries is great. We are so happy and I am so proud! Looking back on yesterday’s competition (where Kat qualified an Olympic place for GBR) it feels so good to have qualified a place for the Olympics, that was our main goal coming here, so I’m very happy. There is a long way to go however; we have a lot to do before then.”

Emma Smith got GBR off to a fantastic start! With the format of the competition meaning every score would count, it was vital for the team to start well and Emma performed her highly difficult routine brilliantly for 53.325. Laura Gallagher got huge height on her routine, with a substituted skill in the middle, but she kept her composure and completed the routine well to score 51.935 and keep GBR in the medal hunt. Kat Driscoll was the last up, two triple somersaults perfectly executed - the perfect routine to secure the silver medal for GB. With only 3 gymnasts competing in finals the 4th team member Bryony Page supported the girls from the floor.

Earlier in the day, British tumbling Champion Kristof Willerton produced two precise, clean runs to give him 72.200 for 6th spot in a qualification competition dominated by the Chinese men. The British team qualified in third place for the team final.

The tumbling women all produced great performances, with Rachel Letsche (3rd) and British Champion Zara Mclean (5th) leading the GBR team into the team final in second spot with into the individual final. Jennifer Dawes finished in 8th and would have also made the final had it not been for the two per country rule.

In the women’s double-mini trampoline, Britain’s Adeva Bryan and Robyn Osborne both showed great consistency in their performance across their qualification passes to comfortably navigate their way into Sunday’s final in 6th and 7th places and help the team through to the final on Saturday. Rhys Gray finished in 14th in the men’s DMT after two solid passes. A fall for Peter Cracknell in his second pass left him down in 28th.


GBR tumbling and DMT qualification reports
DMT women – Courtney Warne began proceedings for the British team, she landed slightly short on her dismount skill and placed her hands down to score 31.700 for her first routine. Her second pass was better, a foot outside the landing zone but good work to score 32.100 for a total of 63.800. Georgina Varley started with a clean first pass, a small step on landing to score 31.100 her second pass was very strong with a nailed landing to give her 32.700 for a 63.800. Adeva Bryan began nicely landing just outside the inner landing area she scored 32.500 with an excellent second pass showing great form and slight step at the end to scors a good 35.000 and total 67.500. British Champion Robyn Osborne 33.900 completed the British line up with a very neat solid pass to give her 33.900. Robyn’s 2nd pass was equally solid to finish off the British girls qualifications with a score of 33.600 a total of 67.500.

DMT men – Rhys Gray began with a clean first pass well executed to score 35.400 and matched this with another solid pass to score 34.400 for a total of 69.800. Peter Cracknell performed a high difficulty first pass but stepped outside the inner zone on landing to score 35.300. There was a disappointing finish for Peter in his second pass as he over travelled on the mount and failed to land, he scored 24.000 for 60.100 total.

Tumbling men – Jordan Lucas stepped up first for GBR with superb first run scoring him 35.300. Jordan followed up with another clean pass with a few tiny steps on landing giving him 33.700 for a total of 69.000. Shaun Gregory finished his first routine with a triple-tuck giving him 34.300, his second pass was clean but not as tight as he would have liked to give him 34.300 for a total of 68.600.British Champion Kristof Willerton scored 34.900 for his first run again ending with a triple somersault, while for his second pass he finished with miller straight scoring 37.300, to total 72.200. Daniel Lannigan was the final Brit with his first pass including a good solid double straight to finish scoring 32.300. His second run had a low landing on finish but it was clean and he scored 31.800 for a total of 64.100.

Tumbling women – Sammy Rockett started the GBR campaign and battled through her first run well to start with 30.800. She nailed her second run, fists clenched in relief on landing for 31.700 and a total of 62.500. Jennifer Dawes produced a very solid first run with a perfectly stuck landing for 32.500m with her second run scoring 30.900 for a total of 63.400.Rachel Letsche nailed her first run for 33.100 and followed this with a 32.800 a grand total of 65.900 putting her well up the standings. British Champion Zara Mclean, with huge support from the crowd,  landed slightly short on her last tumble in run one but fought well to score 32.800, following again with a good run to score 31.400 and a total of 64.200.

Robyn Osborne (DMT) – “My first pass went well! I could have done better in the second but I’m happy with my performance. It was a lot more nerve-wracking than nationals because there are all the other countries around but it’s great to have the home crowd support!”

Kristof Willerton (TUM) – “I’m really pleased with my performance today, the aim was to do two runs to land on our feet and qualify and we did that, so im really happy! The team is really close and we all gel together well, so it really helps. “

Adeva Bryan(DMT) – “I'm really pleased with my performance, I didn't compete the pass i planned to do in the first round but I made up for it in the second! I’m now hoping to do well in the final and after will look towards making the team for the European Championships in Russia next year.”

Zara Mclean (TUM) - “I was really pleased with my performance, overall it went really well today. I found the competition track a lot bouncier than the track we train on at Wakefield but that worked really well for me.”

Rachel Letsche (TUM) – “Today went very well, the team is really close as we all train together at Wakefield, it really helps us push each other forward in training and competition.”

Rhys Gray (DMT) – “It was a really good competition today, I’m really happy. I was really nervous at the start but I calmed myself down and in the end it just felt like any other competition. It was really disappointing Matt couldn't compete today but we went out there and did our best!”