2011 TRA/TUM/DMT World Champs - Synchro bronze for GB - British Gymnastics

2011 TRA/TUM/DMT World Champs - Synchro bronze for GB

newwebkatamandaTumbling and DMT team and trampoline synchronized finals 19/11: British synchronized trampoline pair Kat Driscoll and Amanda Parker have taken the World Championship bronze medal in front of a jubilant crowd at the NIA in Birmingham.

Competing as the last pair in the evening finals, the girls remained fully composed despite the massive ovation from the home crowd to put in a near perfect routine. With only a slight loss of synchronicity midway to give them a total of 47.000 for bronze, with Germany taking the gold scoring 48.100 and Canada, silver with 47.600.

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Kat Driscoll – “It feels so good to have taken the bronze medal! We were quite nervous going into it but we just wanted to go out and try and enjoy it and have a clean competition and that’s what we did! We have done six competitions this year, we’ve made six finals and now we’ve won six medals so we’re really happy!”

Amanda Parker- “When the other competitors were on, I just stayed in my own little bubble, staying calm and focused and it paid off. I’m really happy with the result!

The bronze adds to the women’s trampoline team silver won on Friday, with Kat set to compete in the individual final on Sunday. In the tumbling and DMT team finals earlier in the day, GBR placed 4th in the tumbling men and 5th in both the DMT and tumbling women’s finals.

GBR reports

Tumbling men’s final
Jordan Lucas gave GBR the perfect start with a sublime routine. It was executed brilliantly with a solid landing giving him a score of 35.000. Shaun Gregory flew down the track but over rotated on his triple tuck landing. He fought hard but managed to just stay on his feet to score 28.600. Kristof Willerton was the last up and sent the crowd into hysteria with an outstanding performance and a perfect landing, giving him 36.700 points. This gave the young GBR team a total of 100.300 and a well-deserved 4th place finish.

Tumbling women’s final
Jennifer Dawes began the final for GBR in powerful fashion but a short last tumble meant she landed awkwardly and looked to have hurt her ankle. The crowd gave her great support as she was carried from the arena and scored 28.500. Rachel Letshce did brilliantly to compose herself after the upset of Rachel’s injury, performing a clean routine to score 33.900. Zara Mclean last up couldn’t maintain her momentum finishing short of the landing matt, she scored 25.000 to give GBR 87.400 and 5th.

DMT women’s final
First up in the whole final was Courtney Warne who got GBR of to a solid start with 32.900. Adeva Bryan next up finished a bit too short of the landing zone to score 31.800. British Champion Robyn Osborne completed the GBR line up with a perfectly executed routine, finishing dead in the centre of the landing box to score 34..900 giving GBR 99.600 and 5th place.

Synchronized trampoline qualification
Laura Gallagher and Bryony Page: A good start for the girls first routine but some loss in the timing a little bit towards the end gave them 37.300. In the second routine the girls scored 33.900, with a slight shape change by Laura to total 71.200.

Amanda Parker and Kat Driscoll: An excellent set routine for Kat and Amanda. The routine was well synchronized and excellently performed, much to the delight of the crowd, they scored 38.600. They followed with a superb voluntary routine for 48.100 and a total 86.700 qualifying them in 1st spot for the final!!

Luke Strong and Nathan Bailey: It was a good start for Nathan and Luke as they performed their set routine. There was some nice work, a slight loss of synchro half way but they kept it clean to score 37.100. Their voluntary routine was also good with both boys fighting well and handling the pressure to score 49.700 and a total of 86.800 for 8th spot in qualifying.


NB: The quote below issued today (19/11) following clarification from the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG)

British gymnastics Olympic Performance Director Tim Jones said: “What we have learnt over the past two days is that the qualification process for the test event is extremely complex. We have now clarified that the three individual medalists from this World Championship, are included in the 16 gymnasts invited to compete at the test event, and are not an addition.

Based on this clarification it is now apparent that Great Britain will not be represented at the Olympic test event by an individual male.

Whilst this is disappointing, we remain buoyed by the great news that Katherine Driscoll has qualified a place for Great Britain at London 2012, and of course look forward to Kat's individual World Championships final on Sunday.

The FIG has indicated that they will confirm definitive participation at the Olympic test event following results of the men’s and women’s individual trampoline gymnastics final this weekend, and National Olympic Committee confirmation of participation by November 30th”