2011 TRA/TUM/DMT Worlds - Day four - British Gymnastics

2011 TRA/TUM/DMT Worlds - Day four

20/11: The 2011 trampoline, tumbling and double mini trampoline World Championship have come to a close at the NIA in Birmingham. Kat Driscoll went for broke in the women’s trampoline final but unfortunately had to end her routine early to put her out of medal contention.
Britain ends the event with women’s trampoline team silver and women’s trampoline synchronized bronze with Kat Driscoll and Amanda Parker.

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Kat Driscoll: “I knew that in the final if I wanted to be in with a medal chance I had to go out there and nail and perfect routine so I really went for it and unfortunately today it didn’t pay off. Overall I’m really happy with the championships, the key aim was to qualify and Olympic spot for GBR which I managed

to do and to then go on and win the team silver and sychrno bronze was a fantastic bonus.”
Elsewhere Kristof Willerton in the men's tumbling and Adeva Bryan in the women’s DMT just finished of the medal rostrum with brilliant 4th place finishes.

GBR reports

The first final of the day was the women’s tumbling with Zara Mclean and Rachael Letsche competing for GBR. Zara’s first tumble was strong one of the best of the whole finals to score her 27.300, on her second pass going for the big finish she over rotated and couldn’t quite keep stable on her landing as she rolled onto her back to score 23.100 and a total of 62.700 and 6th place

Rachael had difficulty on landing her first pass as she placed her hands down (24.800) but her second run was much stronger much to the delight of the packed crowd she landed safely with a big smile to score 27.000 for 61.600 and 7th spot.

Chia of China taking the gold with 71.700 followed by Korobeynikova of Russia 70.900 and her team mate Soldatkina (68.400) in bronze.

British champion Kristof Willerton was the sole British representative in the men’s tumbling final, the 18 year old relishing the challenge with a great first pass scoring him 37.900 and an equally impressive pass giving him 36.00 for a total of 73.300 a tremendous 4th place.
Yang from China taking the title (79.100) from fellow countryman Zhang (76.500) with Krylov of Russia in Bronze (75.800)

Kristof said: “I’m ecstatic, I came here not expecting to come that high up at all. The aim was to get each run on my feet and I did it again. It’s been my first World Championship final so I’m more than happy with it! With such a big home crowd this has been one of the best experiences I’ve had.”

In the women’s DMT final Robyn Osborne started well, her first pass scoring her 27.100, going for a the big routine in her second pass she landed quite deep and outside the inner landing area to score 19.800 for a total of 56.100.
Adeva Bryan also began well; a nice controlled precise opening pass gave her 27.000. On her second pass Adeva landed awkwardly on her left ankle, the medical staff rushing to assist as she was warmly applauded by the crowd, the pass still scoring her an impressive 27.900, for a  total of 66.800 and 4th place.
Balandina of Russia taking the title (70.200) from Zoonekynd of South Africa (69.700) and Voronina (RUS) taking bronze with 68.700.

There were no brits in the men’s DMT final which was won by Martini of Brazil (73.300), with White of the USA in silver (72.800) and Chernoivanov of Russia in Bronze (71.800).

In the men’s synchronized trampoline final Nathan Bailey and Luke Strong were greeted with the biggest cheer of the whole competition with two triple somersaults in their routine, a degree of traveling from both boys but nice synchronicity giving them 48.700 points and 7th place.
The Chinese pair took the gold (52.400), with Japan silver (51.900) and Belarus in bronze (50.700).

The individual women’s trampoline final was the last event of the championships with Kat placing 8th (11.505) after ending her routine early. He Wenna of China took the title with 56.275 followed by Maclennan of Canada (55.360) and Li of China (55.330)