World Age Groups - Day two reports - British Gymnastics

World Age Groups - Day two reports

newagegroupgold_GBR25/11: Great Britain’s Lucie Colebeck is the 2011 tumbling 15-16 world age group champion after a dominant performance on the second day of competition at the NIA in Birmingham. The 11-12 synchronized trampoline partnerships of Isobel Leigh-Warren and Corin Clark, and James Robinson-Doyle and Robin Hartey, competing in the last event of the day both took silver medals.



Heather Cowell was the first of the three British gymnasts in the 15-16 girls tumbling final. Heather produced a nice clean pass with a side step on landing to give her 29.400 and 7th. Charlotte Caunt followed with a precise tumble and a neat landing for 30.600 and 4th place. Lucie Colebeck, who topped the qualification ranking, was the last gymnast to compete and once again produced a sublime, confident, performance to score a massive 33 points and become the age group champion!

In the boys 15-16 final Britain’s Greg Townley powered down the tumble run, with the crowd willing on his every move, he erupted into his dismount but couldn’t quite stay on his feet, he scored 32.400 to take 6th place.

On the DMT track, Dina Amos-Larkin in the 17-18 final struggled with her line on the first run finishing well off to the left of the landing zone and similarly had difficulties with the second pass she ended with the score of 21.900 and 8th.

The finals ended with the 11-12 girls’ synchro final, Isobel Leigh-Warren and Corin Clark produced an outstanding performance, fantastic for the young pair who clearly loved the big arena atmosphere to score them 42.200 for the silver medal. Isabelle Songhurst and Emily Talbot performed all their 10 skills cleanly for 41.400 point and 5th place.

James Robinson-Doyle and Robin Hartey finished off proceedings for GBR with beautiful synchronicity to score 41.800 for the silver medal.

Trampoline synchro boys 11-12 – James Robinson-Doyle and Robin Hartey produced a good strong routine for 41.600 and 2nd in qualifying.

Trampoline synchro girls 11-12 – Isobel Leigh-Warren and Corin Clark had a long wait to begin their routine which they executed brilliantly with near perfect synchronicity to score 42.400 for 4th place. Isabelle Songhurst and Emily Talbot produced a nice neat routine to give them 43.200 and 6th spot.

Trampoline boys 13-14 –Zach Sheridan had the support of most of the crowd as he began his routine but unfortunately couldn’t complete his sequence of bounces and scored 16.415. (49th)

Trampoline girls 13-14 – Daina Rose had a long wait to compete in the 5th group on the trampoline but held her nerve well to compete cleanly and score 45.330 for 21st place.

Tumbling boys 15-16 – Jack Peters was the first Brit to compete on the second day at the NIA. On his first run Jack unfortunately touched down on landing and hobbled form the runway. Steven Gilmore produced two clean, solid passes to score him 62.100 (15th). Matthew Weightman produced a double tuck in his first routine and a clean second pass to give him a score of 60.000 (23rd). Greg Townley produced a huge first tumble and followed it up in his second pass, with a small step on landing and a huge cheer from the crowd to give him 2nd place in qualifying.

Tumbling girls 15-16 – Heather Cowell began the GBR with a lightning fast first tumble, both her clean passes scoring her 60.000 for 6th place and a spot in the final. Charlotte Caunt had two clean passes, holding her nerves well on the second run to score her 60.600 for 5th spot. Yasmin Taite also went clean to give her 58.900 points (11th). Lucie Colebeck went up in the third and final tumbling group and flew down the track with confidence to score 63.700 to top the qualification standings.

DMT boys 17- 18 – Timothy Horgan’s first pass didn’t go to plan, contacting with the side of the DMT unfortunately meant he scored 0 for the pass. Timothy’s second pass was much better with great height off the DMT and only a small step on landing to give him 34.600.

DMT girls 17-18 – Kate Haldon had a difficult first landing and unfortunately lost momentum on her second pass (21.000 total). Dina Amos-Larkin produced two clean passes to give her a total score of 64.000 and 7th place. In the final group Alissa Grant-Walker was wayward on her first pass with a tricky landing, her second pass much better as she achieved a total of 53.200 (19th). Mia Taylor produced a good first pass but had difficulty on her second to finish with a score of 54.300 (16th).