World Age Groups- Day three reports - British Gymnastics

World Age Groups- Day three reports

pamclarknew26/11: Britain’s Pamela Clark has taken the silver medal in the women’s 15-16 trampoline final in the 2011 World Age Group Competition, in front of a enthusiastic home crowd at the NIA in Birmingham!

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Pamela Clark was last up in the trampoline 15-16 final after qualifying in first place. She looked extremely focused as she waited patiently for the other gymnasts to perform. When it finally was her turn, Pamela produced an excellent routine packed with difficulty, not quite enough to take the gold but a well-deserved world silver for the promising youngster!

The British pair of Nina Czarnokoza and Daina Rose were up second in the girls 13-14 synchro trampoline final. The pair produced an brilliant routine under pressure at such a young age to score 41.800 and take 5th place.

Trampoline girls 15-16- Kate Overman produced a really clean, solid routine to score 47.660 and take 11th place. Megan Pettit performed well, although there was some loss of form towards the end, she completed her 10 skills to score 46.100 (22nd). Pamela Clark stepped up to perform an excellent routine, the crowd were right behind her as she scored 51.585 and 1st place.

Trampoline boys 15-16- Jason Ryalls routine on trampoline was unfortunately cut short early, he scored 11.085 (56th). Phillip Jackson was also unfortunately unable to control the routine and only completed 3 skills as he scored 5.950 (59th), Daniel Fawcett produced a clean routine for 50.395 (24th).

Trampoline synchro boys 13-14- Ben Atkins and Dan Sale had a loss of synchronicity in the middle but they finished well together scoring 37.800 to push them just outside qualification for the final in 9th place.

Trampoline synchro girls 13-14- Nina Czarnokoza and Daina Rose produced a beautiful clean routine for such young girls! They posted a score of 41.900 and 8th place. Katie Abrahams and Jessica Hughes performed a good routine to score 40.900 (12th).

Tumbling boys 17-18- James Cooper produced a nice clean run to finish with a double pike, he scored 29.200, going on to perform yet another clean run in his second, to score 29.400 for a total of 58.600 and 21st place. Jamie Leach had slight loss of form half way through his run and although he completed his tumble he placed his hands down at the end to score 29.10. A much better second run for Jaime gave him 30.800 and a total of 59.900 (19th). Abdullah Izzidien performed a nice clean pass in his first run on tumble scoring 31.100 .A powerful second tumble for Abdullah gave him 30.400 and a total of 61.500 for 13th place.

Tumbling girls 17-18- Louisa Bellis executed a clean tumble to finish with a solid double straight in her first run, to score 30.100! Louisa Bell produced some good work in her second run but she unfortunately over rotated at the end to fall, she scored 27.500 for a total of 57.600 she took 9th place.

DMT girls 11-12- Ella Mae Bolton unfortunately had a deep landing on her first pass as she placed her hands down for 20.500. A much better pass followed for Ella however, she scored 30.00 for a total of 50.500 and 24th. Corin Clark produced a solid first pass for 30.900. Another secure pass for Corin with a stuck landing gave her a great score of 30.200 and a total of 61.100 She unfortunately just miss out on the final finishing in 13th place.

DMT boys 11-12- Jasper Dallard unfortunately bounced out of the back of the landing zone and placed his hands down in his first pass for a score of 22.600. His second run was much better however and he scored 32.300 for a total of 54.900 (20th).