World Age Groups Day 4- 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze for GB - British Gymnastics

World Age Groups Day 4- 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze for GB


27/11: Sapphire Dallard is the 2011, 13-14 age group, DMT World Champion, as she took GOLD in front a packed home crowd at the TRA/TUM/DMT World age group competition at the NIA in Birmingham. Sapphires first pass was performed excellently, she stuck her landing and scored a strong 32.800. Her second pass was just as outstanding and she scored 32.800 for a total of 65.6, to secure a well-deserved gold medal.

Isabel Deacon’s took the GOLD medal in the girls 11-12 tumbling final. Her tumble was powerful and clean and she scored an impressive 31.00 to take the title. Lucy Elliman stuck her double pike to score 30.100 and take SILVER just behind her teammate. Shanice Davidson produced a fantastic tumble to score 29.800 and take 4th place.

Ashton Jenns performed a very difficult full in back out to score 30.500 and take SILVER in the boys 11-12 tumbling final. Matthew Hills showed great work, he landed slightly deep but scored 29.00 and took 5th place. Harry Leaddley stuck his double tuck dead to score 29.6, just missing out on the medals in 4th. Charlie Arbuthnot had a slight hesitation in his tumble but completed the double tuck well for 28.300 and 6th place

Jasmin Short took the BRONZE medal  in the women’s 17-18 trampoline final, as she performed brilliantly under pressure. Her confident, precise performance scoring 49.120 and earning her a well-deserved bronze medal.

Kate Overman and Megan Pettit took the BRONZE medal in the women’s 15-15 TRA final. The pair completed a fantastic routine, with little execution for a score of 44.500. Unfortunately Pamela Clark and Carla Mills only had one skill completed and scored 0.00.

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Trampoline women’s 17-18- Jasmin Short produced a lovely, clean routine to score 48.525 and secure her place in the final in 6th place. Natasha Carter performed her ten skills efficiently to score 46.815 and take 12th. Emma Britton struggled part way through her routine but showed great strength to complete her ten skills; she scored 44.200 and finished in 18th. Sophie Lewis travelled throughout her routine but she fought hard and completed her ten skills also to score 46.900 and take 11th place.

Trampoline men’s 17-18- Kayvon Arasteh unfortunately only managed to perform two skills, he scored 5.985. (34th)

Trampoline women’s synchro 15-16- Kate Overman and Megan Pettit performed a fantastic synchro routine with little room for deduction, they scored 43.200 and 6th place. Pamela Clark and Carla Mills got through a clean routine to score 42.500 and 7th place.

Trampoline men’s synchro 15-16- Jason Ryalls and Zach Sheridan were out of sync throughout their routine and were unfortunately unable to finish, they scored 34.800 (14th).

Tumbling boys 11-12- Matthew Hills was up first for the Brits. He had a fantastic start to the competition, with a brilliant double back, he scored 29.500. His second run was clean and precise, with a full twist to finish; he scored 27.900 for a total of 57.400 and 6th place. Charlie Arbuthnot first performed a solid double pike back somersault scoring 29.6. Charlie’s second pass was brilliant with just one step back on landing to score 30.00 for a total 59.6 and 3rd place. Ashton Jenns produced a very difficult first pass for 31.200. Another fantastic tumble scored him 30.300 for a total of 61.500 and 1st place. Harry Leaddley completed a beautiful double tuck finish to score 29.600 with a clean second tumble to round up the Brits performances; he scored 29.6 for a total of 59.2 and 5th place.


Tumbling girls 11-12- Lucy Elliman produced a beautiful first pass she had a few steps on landing but it was a very good start for the youngster, she scored 29.300. Her second pass was also performed excellently, finishing with a double pike to score 30.00 and securing a total of 59.3 and 4th. Shanice Davidson produced a fantastic tumble ending in a double pike to score 30.500. Her second run was extremely clean, a double tuck to finish, great power for such a young girl, she scored 30.300 for a total of 60.8 and 2nd place. Eleanor Simpson completed a powerful first pass but unfortunately she fell short and placed her hands down, she scored 26.00. Her second pass was much better however, with lots of encouragement from the crowd; she scored 29.700 for a 55.70 total, finishing just outside qualification in 9th. Isabel Deacon successfully completed a very difficult run, finishing with a full in back out, scoring 30.400. Isabel’s second pass was one of the most difficult seen in the age group, she scored 30.9 for a total of 61.30 and 1st place.

DMT girls 13-14- Eleanor Kaye executed a fantastic first pass, she scored 30.600. Her second just as clean to score 30.200 for a total of 60.800. Eleanor finished in 21st place. Sapphire Dallard had an excellent pass with great precision on landing, scoring 32.400. Sapphire’s second pass was slightly long but still accurate, she scored 31.200 for a total of 63.600 and 3rd place.