Ticketing Scam Europe - British Gymnastics

Ticketing Scam Europe

LOCOG & the Metropolitan Police (MPS) are currently investigating incidences whereby advertisements for Olympic tickets have been placed in European newspapers/magazines. To date, it is known that such adverts have appeared in Belgium, Holland, England and Scotland. These advertisements are believed to be fraudulent. They offer tickets and invite members of the public to contact them via mobile telephone or email. The following are the names of two companies that have placed advertisements:

Rmaster Tickets
The fraudulent company Jetset Sport (website www.jetsetsport.info). This is in no way affiliated to the London 2012 Authorised Ticket Reseller - Jet Set sports (website: www.jetsetsports.com).

Neither company have the authority to sell tickets. The method employed by the companies, i.e. payment by bank transfer, will result in innocent customers losing their money and not receiving tickets for the London 2012 Games.  Their advertisements may be simplistic in format, and offer only a phone number or email as a method of contact, rather than referring the customer to an official website.  Authorised sellers of London 2012 Games tickets can be found on the LOCOG website: www.tickets.london2012.com

If you are, or already have been, approached by either of these companies, or are aware of any similar approaches offering London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games tickets, please refer to the MPS Operation Podium team at : [email protected]