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Sport England Satisfaction Survey

Make your voice heard
Keeping people engaged with gymnastics and trampolining is very important to us; we would like to keep participants in the sport as long as possible. Understanding and measuring the quality of the sporting experience is therefore crucial. Two years ago Sport England launched a ground breaking four-year research study.  It aims to uncover what is truly important to people like you when participating in sport, in particular what needs to be changed to improve your sporting experience. Results from the first year of the study are already helping the governing bodies of over forty sports – including gymnastics/trampolining – shape their plans to better meet the needs of participants.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Satisfaction Survey?
Sport England will be working with 46 funded sports, including gymnastics/trampolining, over 4 years to help improve the quality of sporting provision to people in England. In order to find out more about how to improve the quality of sport for the participant, Sport England has commissioned Ipsos Mori (a leading market research company) to conduct a survey across all 46 sports to establish what is important to people when they take part in sport and how satisfied they are with their experiences.

Who is the survey for?
The survey is aimed at participants aged 16+ across all 46 sports and for gymnastics/trampolining, as an early specialisation sport, a number of 14 & 15 year olds, with parental consent, will also be able to complete the survey.

Why should we be involved?
We would like to encourage life-long participation in gymnastics/trampolining.  Understanding the reasons that people participate in the sport is therefore very important. One way to do this is to find out what is valuable to participants when they take part. This is your chance to make your voice heard and influence your sport for the future.

The results will help us to try and improve our planning and investment decisions to increase the quality of gymnastics/trampolining provision in England.

Sport England will also monitor improvements in satisfaction with the quality of the sporting experience across all their funded sports. Increases in satisfaction over the 4-year period will bode well for future grant decisions. For example survey results could be used as evidence to strengthen funding bids for facilities, coaching and opportunities to take part.

What kind of questions will be asked?
The questions relate to all aspects of taking part in sport e.g. the quality of the facilities, the contribution that the activity makes to your overall health and how easy it is to take part in the sport.

How do we take part?
There are 3 different surveys – 1 for British Gymnastics Club Members, 1 for non-members (called ‘General Participants’) and 1 for members of the ‘Talent Pool’ (the Talent Pool refers to those members identified as talented based on the high standard of their recent competition results).
If you have received a questionnaire in the post, please complete it and send back as instructed by Monday 7th May. Alternatively, Club Members and General Participants can click on the relevant link below and complete the survey online.