2012 TRA/TUM/DMT Europeans – Day two - British Gymnastics

2012 TRA/TUM/DMT Europeans – Day two

12/04/12:The first day of finals and the start of the medal haul for Britain at the 2012 European trampoline, tumbling and DMT Championships.

- The British senior women tumbling team have taken the European SILVER! Donna Maclean, Rachael Letsche, Samantha Rockett and Zara Mclean combining to score 91.4 points, Russia took the gold (98.6) and Ukraine bronze (90.8)

- The British junior women’s trampoline team took the European BRONZE  - Rhianna Andrew, Katy Buitendyk, Megan Petuit and Pamela Clark combining to score 148.67, with Ukraine taking Gold and France, Silver.

- The senior DMT teams both just missed the podium in 4th spot. Georgina Varley, Robyn Osborne and Mia Taylor scoring 97.9 and Matthew Swaffer, Rhys Gray and Peter Cracknell scoring 104.1.

- The men’s tumbling team finished in 5th place, Daniel Lannigan, Jordan Lucas, Kristof Willerton and Shaun Gregory scoring 100.4.


Day two of the 2012 trampoline, tumbling and DMT European Championship began with the preliminary rounds in the under-21 trampoline competition. Britain’s Nicole Short finished 5th scoring 2.385 with Sophie Lewis 7th (92.110), Penny Mitchell 9th (90.580) and Emma Britton in 12th (88.675). In the boys event Luke Strong finished in 7th with a score of 100.680.

The tumbling senior qualification saw a mini-battle between the British girls who dominated the prelim rankings. Rachael Letsche took 2nd (63.900), Zara Mclean 3rd (62.900), Samantha Rockett 4th (62.500) and Donna Maclean 9th (60.100).

In the men’s prelims, British tumbling Champion Kristoff Willerton scored 71.500 to place 4th, with Shaun Gregory in 10th (65.100), Jordan Lucas in 11th (64.300) and Daniel Lannigan in 15th (62.00).

In the DMT Georgina Varley placed 6th (66.300), Mia Taylor 11th (64.900) and Robyn Osbourne 12th (64.400), with 2 per country in final and Russia and Portugals gymnast high in the ranking, Mia will join Georgina in the final.

Peter Cracknell was GB’s top placed male DMT gymnast finishing in 9th (70.700) with Matthew Swaffer in 11th (70.300) and Rhys Gray 14th, Peter and Matthew both make the final due to the 2 per country rule.

In the boy’s junior trampoline individual prelims, Philip Jackson finished in 7th with 96.630, Nathaniel Scott in 23rd with 93.455 and Zachary Sheridan in 24th with 93.340

In junior girls qualification Pamela Clark finished in 9th with 90.885 but looks to advance into the finals with the 2 per country rule, Megan Petit in 13th with 89.895, Katy Buitendyk in 16th with 89.090 and Rhianna Andrew in 18th with 89.065.

Full results and LIVE stream by clicking here.