2012 TRA/TUM/DMT Europeans –Day three - British Gymnastics

2012 TRA/TUM/DMT Europeans –Day three

Laura_Gallagher53513/04/12: The third day of the 2012 trampoline, tumbling and DMT European Championship in St. Petersburg and the British gymnasts dominated the proceedings with two golds, a silver and a bronze.

- The women’s senior trampoline team are the European Champions. Kat Driscoll sealing the victory with the final routine of the day to give GBR GOLD and a score of 162.225 ahead of the Ukraine and Belarus. The men’s team – Daniel Greaves, Nathan Bailey, James Higgins and Steve Walsh, finished in 4th place.

- The British junior girls tumbling team have taken the European GOLD with a superb display from Rachael Davies, Ashleigh Long, Yasmin Taite and Lucie Colebeck giving them a total score of 93.600 and top place on the medal podium ahead of Belgium and Portugal.

 - The junior boys DMT team of Jasper Dallard, Daniel Berridge, Oliver Rowlands and Nathaniel Scott scored 103.9 to take the Bronze medal.

 -The junior DMT girls won the European SILVER, Georgia Clements, Pheobe Williams, Georgia Downing and Sapphire Dallard scoring 95.5 points.

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The third day of the 2012 trampoline, tumbling and DMT European Championships is underway. Lucie Colebeck qualified in 2nd place from the women’s junior tumbling prelims scoring 61.600. Ashleigh Long paced 10th with 60.300, Yasmin Taite 15th and Rachel Davies 21st.

Greg Townley finished in 3rd position in the junior boys tumbling prelims (66.700), with Steven Gilmore in 5th (64.200) and Matthew Weightman in 31st.

In the DMT junior prelims, Georgina Downing placed 3rd scoring 64.800 with Sapphire Dallard 6th (62.800), Georgina Clements 8th and Phoebe Williams in 9th. Nathaniel Scott scored 67.700 to place him in 5th with Daniel Berridge 11th, Oliver Rowlands 12th and Jasper Dallard in 13th.

In the senior trampoline prelims, James Higgins made it into the final placing 5th (106.25) with Nathan Bailey 16th (102.925), Steve Walsh 19th and Daniel Greaves 21st - the boys placing 3rd in the team qualifying.

Amanda Parker finished 2nd (100.075) and Laura Gallagher 6th (99.165) in the women’s prelims with Kat Driscoll 8th and Emma Smith 35th.  The girls qualifying 1st for the Team final.