In the footsteps of the Seniors - British Gymnastics

In the footsteps of the Seniors

Friday, 20 April 2012, Lake Buena Vista, USA:          Britain’s young competitors in Acrobatic Gymnastics rose to the occasion and delivered strong, stable and artistic performances in the opening day of the 7th World Age Group competition at the ESPN Wide World of Sport Complex.

11-16 age group:

It was definitely a Russia- Great Britain matter. No other country managed to take a leading position in the current ranking in any of the five disciplines.

Girls’ pair: 1. Russia 28.250 2. GBR 27.900

Boys’ pair: 1. Russia 28.400 2. GBR 28.200

Mixed pair: 1. GBR 28.150 2. Russia 27.550

Girls’ group: 1. Russia 28.400 = GBR 28.400

Boys’ group: 1. GBR 28.200 2. Russia 28.100

In the qualifications on Saturday, 21 April the 11-16 year-old gymnasts will execute only one more routine.

12-19 age group/juniors:

Again, a very strong competition; this time between Russia, Belarus and Great Britain with only Belgium capable to break into one of the top three positions in the current ranking (Girl’s groups).

Girls’ pair:            1. Belarus 28.450 2. Russia 28.300 3. Great Britain 28.200

Boys’ Pair:           1. Belarus 28.250 2=3. GBR1 & GBR 2 - 27.800

Mixed pair:         1. Russia 28.750   2. GBR 1 28.500   3. Belarus 28.500 4. Kazakhstan 27.750 5. GBR 2-27.500

Girls’ group:      1. Russia 28.500   2. Belgium 28.500 3. GBR 28.400

Boys’ Group:      1. Russia 2. GBR 28.100 3. Russia 27.700

The juniors have two more routines in the qualifications (Dynamic or Balance depending on what they have  competed today and Combined routine.

“So far the competition goes according to our plans and expectations. Following the Control competition and the British Championships in March all the members of the team have continued to improve and today they demonstrated excellent competition form. The clubs and the coaches who have prepared our competitors for this major event have done a very good job. We can now hope that our gymnasts will keep their confidence and concentration in the remaining two days of this significant competition”, said the GBR National Coach Toshko Pavlov.

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