2012 WAG Euros – Day five, apparatus finals - British Gymnastics

2012 WAG Euros – Day five, apparatus finals

0001hana13/05/12 Brussels (BEL) – Britain’s Hannah Whelan won both the beam and floor bronze medals in an outstanding performance to end the 2012 women’s artistic gymnastics European Championships.

Having led the team all week it was her turn to shine as an individual, as she performed a superb beam routine under high pressure to score 14.333 and follow it up on the very next piece of apparatus with 14.533 on floor.


 The beam medal is Britain’s first ever at a major championships on that piece and testament to Hannah’s great experience and composure under pressure.
On floor she produced a perfectly executed routine, with outstanding dance, confidence, maturity and plenty of style.

The Beijing Olympian and reigning British champion claims her first major medals to complete a very encouraging week for the British team in which Gabrielle Jupp also took floor bronze in the junior event, and 15-year-old new seniors Rebecca Tunney and Ruby Harrold both made event finals with outstanding championship performances.

Hannah Whelan: “It feels amazing I’m over the moon, it’s really unexpected. I wanted to come out and enjoy the competition and I definitely did. I enjoy training beam and feel naturally comfortable on it and to get our first ever medal on that piece is very special. I've always dreamed of getting major medals and to come away with two is unbelievable. It gives me a lot of confidence going into the rest of the year.”

A video interview with Hannah can be found here.

GB reports

Rebecca Tunney starts with a massive first tumble stuck perfectly to sets her off confidently, followed by a beautiful spin, but unfortunately  she can’t control her power on her third pass and steps out as she does on last pass, by a the tiniest of margins. A hugely difficult routine from Rebecca scoring her 13.800 and 5th place.
Hannah Whelan was the penultimate gymnasts to compete, having had the excitement of clinching the beam final only moments before she remained supremely composed, completed a difficult routine with perfect execution and style throughout, warmly appreciated by the Belgian audience, to score her 14.533.

Hannah Whelan makes a lovely start with nice connections, with great balance and strength shown to hold her line on the beam, she struggles slightly with her extremely difficult squat spin, produced a nice high leap and dismounts well, a very difficult routine and a great score of 14.333

15-year-old Ruby Harrold competed 7th on bars. Having seen a huge performance from Komova and Kononenko before her and in her first senior final she put in a great display. A fantastic swinging routine with great amplitude as in the team final, the only error being a misjudgement on her toe-on half turn to double front which she had to fight hard to recover from to score 14.366

Senior results
Vault: 1. IZBASA/ROU 14.883 2. CHUSOVITINA/GER 14.683 3. STEINGRUBER/SUI 14.624
Bars: 1. KOMOVA/RUS 15.666 2. GRISHINA/RUS 15.200 3. KONONENKO/UKR 15.133
Beam: 1. C. PONOR/ROU 15.200 2.L. IORDACHE/ROU 15.133 3.H. WHELAN/GBR 14.333
Floor: 1. L. IORDACHE/ROU 15.233 2.C. PONOR/ROU 14.633 3.H. WHELAN/GBR 14.533

Britain’s Gabrielle Jupp took the floor bronze with a brilliant performance at the Expo in Brussels. Having had difficulties on beam she proved her talent with an outstanding routine, full of confidence, difficulty, and precision to score 13.900 and tie with Munteanu of Romania for the bronze - Kharenkova of Russia in gold and Zarzu of Romania in silver. The bronze caps a great week for Gabby in which she also took 5th in Friday's junior all-around competition.

Gabby Jupp “It feels amazing to have won the bronze. The whole weeks been very good for me - a great experience. There’s such a nice feeling within the whole team and to learn from the seniors has been amazing. To stand on the podium was a great feeling and I’m very proud.”

GBR reports

Gabby Jupp was the first gymnast up on beam, her favourite piece of apparatus. She began with a difficult landing on her first skill that meant she had to fight to stay on the beam and lost her connection into her next skill. Showing the composure that she has shown all week Gabby gained confidence and grew into the routine finishing with a beautiful stuck dismount to score 13.700

Charlie Fellows was the first gymnast to take to the floor. She looked very determined from the off, her huge first tumbling pass an indication of what was to follow as she put in a very positive confident performance with nicely stuck tumbles throughout to score her 13.466
Gabby Jupp produced an exceptionally tidy routine with nice high leaps and controlled tumbles. She performs well for the crowd and looks to be really enjoying the occasion her beautiful routine scoring 13.900

Junior Results
Vault: 1. C. NETTEB/NED 14.133 2. STANILA/ROU 13.866 3. KHARENKOVA/RUS 13.699
Bars: 1. SCHEDER 14.566 2. KUZMINA 14.466 3. SHELGUNOVA/RUS 14.366
Beam: 1. KHARENKOVA/RUS 14.766 2. MUNTEANU/ROU 14.433 3. MENEGHINI/ITA 14.233
Floor: 1. KHARENKOVA/RUS 14.233 2. ZARZU/ROU 13.933 3. JUPP/GBR 13.900 3. MUNTEANU/ROU 13.900

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