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Gymnastics groups compete on “Let’s Get Gold”

lets_get_gold_group_01From the 5th July until the 7th July a one off three part mini-series “Let’s Get Gold” will kick off on ITV as fifteen sporting teams will compete against each other for the grand prize of £100,000.

The show will be hosted by TV and radio presenting ace Vernon Kay, with a special judging panel consisting of Rio Ferdinand, former England Football International, Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff another ex-International athlete, “The Saturday’s” popstar Una Healy and Television personality Martine McCutcheon. Over three nights’ five acts will compete each night, with the final to be broadcasted on ITV Saturday 7th from 8.25pm to 9.55pm.


Vernon Kay who is to host the shows has been quoted saying, "With the Olympics just around the corner and sport fever hitting the UK, this show provides the stage for local sporting teams to show off their skills and sporting prowess in breath-taking performances”.

Gymnastics fans will have plenty to cheer on with five different group aiming to catch the judges attention-

Air Gravity
Six trampoline gymnasts from Northamptonshire Trampoline Gymnastics Academy (NTGA) make up the team called Air Gravity. The team consists of four times British Champion, World and European finalist James Higgins, Jaime Halsey who is a former Olympian (2000), Steve Walsh, Amanda Harris, Penny Mitchell and Oly Boag. Air Gravity are based in Northampton and are hoping to win the £100,000 winning prize, to enable the club to expand its facilities.

Competing as ‘Acropolis’ the team from Deerness Gymnastics Academy consist of: Jesse Heskett (17) Matthew Evison (19) Dorian Walker (21) Richard Hurst (21). “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our senior men’s team and also Deerness Gymnastics Academy. I am really proud that the nation will be able to see the fantastic skills and hard work that led this team to become world champions,” said Karl Wharton, director of gymnastics at DGA.

Cheer Revolution
Charity group Sussex Tornadoes from the “Cheer Revolution” are in training and are looking to take the competition by storm. The cheerleading school are an organisation that are willing to work extremely hard and go all the way to the big money prize!

Team Infinifty
Team Infinity are a gymnastics group from the south of England, who have qualified for the European Championships, a combination of strong athletic males and females, hoping to beat the competition and win the grand prize of £100,000.

Trinity Acrobats
Lucia, Vikki and Imogen are an acrobatic trio who are experienced circus performers; they have also appeared on the “Circus Hilarious Easter Show”, with their Pyramid orientated style. The threesome is looking to captivate the audience and judges panel with their abstract style performance.

Good luck to all the groups performing.