British teams wowing the crowds at EuroGym 2012 - British Gymnastics

British teams wowing the crowds at EuroGym 2012

Coimbra bdEuroGym 2012 Diary Coimbra, Portugal – Days 3, 4 and 5


After bringing the sunshine back to the UK, the 75 participants all travelled home safely on Friday but only after spending an exhausting but fantastic week of Gymnastics in Coimbra.


Tuesday gave all four teams another performance opportunity, this time to even bigger crowds as the EuroGym buzz heightened around the City. 


The teams took part in more workshops with the highlight of the day for Esprit being the ‘Boot Camp’ experience.   The 46 degree heat didn’t help as the teams ran, jumped, climbed and army rolled around the hills of the City but I think the drive in the army truck there and back again certainly made up for all their efforts.


Diamonds took part in Climbing and Rugby workshops whilst Birmingham and Hamilton both made the most of the weather and spent the morning on and around the beautiful Mondego River.


On Wednesday, the morning consisted of Archery, Dance Fusion, Parkour and Orienteering workshops whereas the afternoon brought a slightly more nerve-wracking experience for everyone.  Entering the Estádio Finibanco Cidade de Coimbra, our 75 strong delegation didn’t shy away from rehearsals and began to practice their Gala performance.  After a few practice runs, at 9:30pm the time had arrived for the show to begin.  With the EuroGym theme of ‘Lets Share – Friendship’, the whole Great Britain delegation performed their routine to Queen’s ‘One Vision’ creating a collaboration of Dance, Acro, Rhythmic, Trampette and Tumbling.  The performance was the only one of the night that contained all the members of a delegation and was the biggest mass display with 75 gymnasts taking part.  The 10,000 strong crowd certainly appreciated it and the applause the gymnasts received was huge.


The final day was all about celebrating the week and the opportunities the participants had experienced; the workshops, the performances, the city of Coimbra and the parties.  The Closing Ceremony finished with fireworks and another EuroGym party.  For all the coaches and participants, it will be a week they will never forget and already plans for EuroGym 2014 in Sweeden are well underway.


To take part in EuroGym 2014 or for more information about International Gymnastics Festivals, please contact Bette Higgs – [email protected]


Coimbra, Portugal – Days 1 and 2

In the heat and sunshine of Coimbra, Portugal, four British teams are taking part in the 8th EuroGym organised by the UEG.

City of Birmingham, Esprit, Hamilton and Diamonds are all having fun in the sun, showing off their well-prepared routines, taking part in workshops, forums, sightseeing and parties. The opening ceremony on Sunday was a fantastic success and Great Britain marched in to the stadium in style, proudly waving their ‘I am BG’ Union Jack’s and chanting all the way.

City of Birmingham were first up with the kayak and cycling workshops where not only did the group show team work and leadership, the support for each other during the activities was also great to see.

Hamilton took part in a tumbling workshop, taught by Coimbra’s head coach, and Esprit managed a spot of orienteering around the city.

Diamonds were busy preparing for their first performance and with lots of apparatus needed and a slight technical hitch (it was so hot that the sun prevented the speakers from working), the timings were quite tight but they performed with style to a huge crowd in Parque Verde.     

Hamilton performed in the large square outside Coimbra’s beautiful church – Igreja Santa Cruz and their routine, themed to different styles of dance went down really well with the crowds – especially when the music from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ blared out.  

Both Esprit and Hamilton performed in Dolce Vita, a grand shopping centre in the town.  Both performances received great applause from locals as well as all the other international teams.  

Finally, EuroGym wouldn’t be EuroGym without the parties and Hamilton spent the evening dancing the night away in Parque Verde along with over 2000 other participants.  

All the teams are now in workshops and will be busy preparing to perform today and rehearsing for the Great Britain performance in the EuroGym Gala on Wednesday evening.