Margaret Sikkens Ahlquist announced as Conference Key Note - British Gymnastics

Margaret Sikkens Ahlquist announced as Conference Key Note


Meet Margaret Sikkens Ahlquist
British Gymnastics is delighted to announce that they have successfully secured MARGARET SIKKENS AHLQUIST, FIG Gymnastics for All President for the 2013 National Club Conference and Awards.

Forty eight years ago Margaret’s life of Gymnastics began. As a young gymnast in a well organised club she experienced gymnastics in a welcoming, friendly environment with what we today associate with Gymnastics for All (GfA). Margaret’s experience and introduction into gymnastics is the way she believes all children should experience our wonderful sport.

Margaret has been coaching GfA, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics for many years which gives her the opportunity to actively promote the GfA philosophy of, FUN-FITNESS-FUNDAMENTALS and FRIENDSHIP. Margaret’s experience and knowledge has enabled her to tutor various coaching courses including those at an international level.  

In 1992 Margaret was elected as a member of the FIG Gymnastics for All committee and was appointed as President in 1996. Since 2000 she has also been an active member of the IOC Sports for All commission and in 2009 was awarded the International Order of Merit Award by the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

What can Margaret offer you?
Margret is internationally responsible for the world-wide development and spread of Gymnastics for All. She has developed the World Gymnaestrada and the Gym for Life Challenge which are the two official international Gymnastics for All events of the FIG. Margaret is also responsible for the creation and enhancement of activities, organisations and education in all FIG Member Federations.

In her key note speeches, Margaret will discuss Gymnastics for All internationally and the role the FIG plays in development and delivery. She will shareher personal beliefs of GfA, how she thinks it could grow in the UK and how this can benefit you and your club.  The key focus will be how to retain gymnasts utilising GfA’s range of activities and programmes.

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