Laura Halford crowned 2013 rhythmic champion - British Gymnastics

Laura Halford crowned 2013 rhythmic champion


23/06/13: Esprit gymnastics club’s Laura Halford is the 2013 senior rhythmic gymnastics British champion after a superb performance at Fenton Manor Sport Complex. In her first year in the senior event Laura dominated the proceedings with consistent routines across the four pieces to score 55.599 for the title ahead of club-mate Stephani Sherlock (54.115) and Jael Gore from City of Canterbury (49.565.

An opening personal best score of 14.950 with the hoop started Laura’s competition off well. Following up with ball and then clubs, her favourite apparatus,s she was well placed going into the final apparatus. With the rope she did have a nervy moment when two knots appeared but she showed great composure to complete the routine well and take the crown.

In the absence of 2012 Olympian and six time British champion Frankie Jones, Laura handled the pressure of expectation with confidence that will no doubt benefit her long term ambitions as she looks ahead to the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Laura said “Going into these Championships I felt a bit of pressure, these are all new routines this year with the new code of points and as I knew that Frankie Jones wouldn’t be competing that added a bit more expectation on me. I’m really really proud to have won it’s something I’ve always dreamt about

This result is important looking ahead to next year’s Commonwealth Games which are a big target for me. Over the summer I'm going to be working really really hard and this has boosted my confidence with some high scores so hopefully I can keep pushing on into 2014”

In the junior competition Tyler Brummit took the title scoring 49.748 with Lauren Brash (43.799) in silver and Anna Kelis (43.331) in bronze.

Earlier in the day Christianna Vitanova  was crowned under -12 champion with  Chiara Whitefield under -11 winner and Hannah Westerman (disability class 1) Holly Hamill (disability class 2) and Elizabeth Packman (disability junior) also being crowned British champions.

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For video of all the routines click here.

24/06/13 - The final day of competition saw gymnasts compete for individual apparatus titles.

Apparatus final results


SHERLOCK Stephani 13.733
GORE Jael 12.350
HARTSHORN Chloe 10.983
SHERLOCK Stephani 12.883
HALFORD Laura 11.883
GORE Jael 11.816

SHERLOCK Stephani 14.283
HALFORD Laura 13.566
GORE Jael 12.183
SHERLOCK Stephani 14.233
HALFORD Laura 13.016
GORE Jael 11.800


BRUMMIT Tyler 13.416
KELIS Anna 11.966
BRASH Lauren 11.266
BRUMMIT Tyler 13.033
KELIS Anna 11.633
WYVER Abbie 11.333

BRUMMIT Tyler 13.950
KELIS Anna 11.616
WYVER Abbie 11.250
BRUMMIT Tyler 11.316
BRASH Lauren 10.933
WYVER Abbie 10.750

Under 12

VITANOVA Christianna 10.616
CHAVEZ Amaranta 10.000
WOODRUFF Emily 8.683
CHAVEZ Amaranta 10.733
VITANOVA Christianna 10.133
WOODRUFF Emily 9.700

CHAVEZ Amaranta 10.233
VITANOVA Christianna 10.000
WOODRUFF Emily 9.833
CHAVEZ Amaranta 11.966
VITANOVA Christianna 11.683
WOODRUFF Emily 11.2503

Under 11

BARKER Francesca 10.216
HELFGOTT Jessica 10.150
WHITEFIELD Chiara 9.916
BARKER Francesca 9.300
HANFORD Abigail 9.233
HELFGOTT Jessica 9.016

BARKER Francesca 9.750
WHITEFIELD Chiara 9.366
HELFGOTT Jessica 9.250
HANFORD Abigail 9.950
HELFGOTT Jessica 8.700
BARKER Francesca 8.666