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Tramp & tumbling gymnasts set for British battle

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Trampoline, tumbling and DMT gymnasts from across the UK are readying themselves for the British Championships. Superhuman gymnastics skills will be required in order to rise above the competition and seal the British titles.

The British Championships take place over the weekend 6/7th July and this year for the first time take place at the magnificent 16,000 capacity LG Arena - one of the largest multi-purpose arenas in the UK - having previously been hosted at the nearby NIA.

Gymnasts have battled through regional galas to claim their places at the most prestigious event of the year and have earned their right to fight for podium places and British glory.

The weekend will see a feast of high quality non-stop gymnastics action.

High-flying somersaults and twists in the spectacular individual and synchronized trampoline events, mixed with mind-blowing fast paced tumbling and dynamic double-mini trampoline (DMT) along with disability competitions - plenty for everyone to cheer on.

With many returning champions aiming to keep their crowns and young guns hoping to make a name for themselves the competition is set to be fierce.

It will also be interesting to keep an eye on those gymnasts who will compete at the LG Arena for domestic glory just weeks before they then aim to repeat their success representing Great Britain at this summer’s World Games.

Synchronized Trampoline gymnasts Kat Driscoll and Amanda Parker, Luke Strong and Nathan Bailey along with tumbling gymnasts Kristoff Willerton and Rachael Letsche and DMT gymnasts Peter Cracknell and medallist Nicole Short will all depart to Cali in Colombia following these Championships to take on the world.


Saturday 6th July
08:00 Doors open
09:15 Competition starts - flight 1
09:55 Competition starts - flight 2
10:35 Competition starts - flight 3
11:20 Competition starts - flight 4
12:00 Competition starts - flight 5
13:30 Competition starts - flight 7
14:15 Competition starts - flight 8
14:55 Competition starts - flight 9
15:45 Competition starts - flight 10
16:35 Competition starts - flight 11
16:55 Competition starts - flight 12
17:50 Competition starts - flight 13
18:30 Competition starts - flight 14

Sunday 7th July 
08:00 Doors open
09:10 Competition starts - flight 1 TRS: U15G, U15B, U19M TUM: 11 - 12B DMT: U13G
09:45 Competition starts - flight 2 TRS: U19L, O19L & O19M TUM: 11 - 12G DMT: U13B
10:50 Competition starts – Flight 3 TRI: U15G, U15B, U13G, U13B TUM: 9 - 10G & 9 - 10B DMT: O15L & O15M
11:30 Competition starts – Flight 4 TRI: U17B, U17G, U19L & U19M TUM: 13 - 14G
12:05 Competition Starts – Flight 5 -TRI: O19L & O19M TUM: 14 - 15B DMT: U15G & U15B

12:40-Presentations - TRS/National C TRI & FIG B DMT

14:00 Competition starts – Flight 6 TRI: U15G, U15B, U13G & U13B TUM: 15 - 16G DMT: O19L & O19M
15:00 Competition starts – Flight 7 TRI: U17B, U19M, U17G & U19L TUM: 15 - 16B DMT: U15G & U15B
15:55 Competition starts  - Flight 8 TRI: O19L & O19M TUM: 17 - 18G & 17 - 18B DMT: U19L & U19M
16:55 Competition starts – Flight 9

17:35 Presentations - FIG B , FIG O19 & FIG A TRI. NAT C DMT O19L/M , U19L/M, O19L/M & FIG A, Senior TUM M+L
18:00 Competition Ends

Tickets for the championships are available to buy now by clicking here

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