Chloe Farrance back ready to fight for British aerobic title

Chloe Farrance924

After missing the 2012 British aerobic Championship through injury, Bulmershe’s Chloe Farrance is back fighting to reclaim her title and prove herself once again as one of Britain’s best.  Ahead of the 2013 British Championships this weekend we caught up with Chloe to find out about her comeback and hopes for the future.

Hi Chloe, what are your aims for this year’s British Championships?

Last year I was unable to compete at the British Championships due to a knee injury. I was disappointed because I wanted to defend my British title, so this year I am looking forward trying to win back the title.

What have you been working on in the run up to the British?

Having a major injury, has been debilitating both mentally and physically, so for the last couple of months I’ve been working on getting the stability and confidence back in my knee so that I can concentrate on the rest of my routine.

There will be lots of competition for the senior title, particularly from your Bulmershe teammates; can you talk us through who you will be up against?

I’ll be up against Hannah Owen; a very elegant and classy gymnast, Keimoy St Hill who is very powerful and dynamic and Beth Martin who is known for her great amplitude and natural performance. All these gymnasts have supported me through my injury and I wish them all the best for the competition.

What is it about Bulmershe that produces such great aerobic gymnasts?

All the coaches at Bulmershe are 100% committed. With Kerry’s choreography skills,  Holly’s knowledge of judging and the younger coaches coming up, we have an amazing coaching team. The gymnasts are also determined and completely dedicated.

What are the aims following the British for this year and looking ahead to 2014?

I hope to reclaim the British title and also qualify for the European Championships. Next year will be the World Championships and a series of World Cups so I hope to qualify for both.

The 2013 British aerobic gymnastics championships take place at the Rivermead Leisure Centre in Reading from the 5-6th of October; tickets are available on the door.