Korben Fellows rules under-12 British Championships - British Gymnastics

Korben Fellows rules under-12 British Championships

Korben Fellows

The under-12 British Championships from Emirates Arena, Glasgow was dominated by City of Birmingham’s Korben Fellows who performed superbly to take the all-around title as well as pommel rings and high bar gold’s. Adam Tobin took the all-around silver with Euan Cox in bronze position.

The apparatus medals were spread between a good selection of gymnast and clubs demonstrating the great depth in quality of the field, yet more promising signs for the future of British men’s gymnastics

All Around
FELLOWS Korben 73.600    
TOBIN Adam    72.250    
COX Euan 71.150        

TURNBULL Douglas 13.350    
THOMSON Lucas 13.250    
BOARDMAN Matthew 13.200

Pommel Horse
FELLOWS Korben 13.200
MCCLYMONT Matthew 12.350    
COLE Bradley 12.250    

FELLOWS Korben 12.150    
COX Euan 11.850    
TOBIN Adam    11.750    

SALVILLA-TAGAYUNA Kristian Aldrin 12.750    
WALKLETT Calum 12.550    
COX Euan 12.500    

Parallel Bars
COX Euan 13.000    
REGINI-MORAN Emilio 12.550    
PARADISE Thomas 12.550    

High Bar
FELLOWS Korben    12.350    
SALVILLA-TAGAYUNA Kristian Aldrin 11.500    
TOBIN Adam    11.500

You can catch up on the whole event thanks to BGtv, just click the player below.