Joshua Nathan takes under-14 British title - British Gymnastics

Joshua Nathan takes under-14 British title

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City of Birmingham’s Joshua Nathan took the under-14 British all-around title in a fantastic competition at the Emirates Arena. Battling with Jamie Lewis of Woking and Loukas Jones from City of Leeds, Joshua’s final score of 79.300 was just enough for gold.

The apparatus medals were shared around with Joshua taking pommel and parallel bars, Jamie Lewis rings, Loukas Jones High Bar, Donell Osbourne vault and Hayden Skinner the floor.

All Around
NATHAN Joshua    79.300
LEWIS Jamie    78.700
JONES Loukas    76.500

SKINNER Hayden    14.200
SERRY Mohamed    13.850
NATHAN Joshua    13.850

Pommel Horse
NATHAN Joshua    13.900    
LEWIS Jamie    13.300    
SKINNER Hayden    12.800    
JONES Loukas    12.800    

LEWIS Jamie    12.850
JONES Loukas    12.700
NATHAN Joshua    12.600
OSBOURNE Donell    12.600

OSBOURNE Donell    13.125    
LEWIS Jamie    13.050    
JONES Loukas    13.050    

Parallel Bars
NATHAN Joshua    13.700
LEWIS Jamie    13.250
WATSON Jake    12.800
OSBOURNE Donell    12.800

High Bar
JONES Loukas 13.200    
DAY-ROGERS Byron 12.600    
LEWIS Jamie 12.250