Gabby Jupp - My 2013

Gabby Jupp192

"The most successful and the most disapointing"

For most gymnasts moving up in age groups, be it in the local gym club or on the international scene, the initial targets may be quite simple: fit in with my team, learn new skills, adjust to the new environment and steadily progress. For first year artistic senior Gabby Jupp, in 2013 these were similar goals but ones that quickly proven to be insignificant.

In an exclusive GYMNAST E-ZINE interview we caught up with Gabby to talk about her year, as she puts it – the most successful and the most disappointing of her career.

From starring in the prestigious American Cup to being crowned British all-around champion Gabby’s start to the year couldn’t have gone any better, it was at the 2013 European Championships however that things began to unfold. A beam routine ending with an anterior cruciate ligament tear put her whole gymnastics year on hold; Gabby had gone from competing for medals to fighting a whole different battle. In the exclusive interview she explains the highs and lows of 2013, how she felt about the injury and how hard she has had to work to get back to fitness.

You can read the full feature with Gabby in the December/January GYMNAST E-zine and watch the exclusive BGtv interview below.